Saturday, September 30, 2006

20min digital sketch

another fast sketch,,,still traying hard to learn digital painting..
and still not doing it right!..&^%$$$@#& *&^^!!!

deadline is coming..and still lots// i mean

tengah bulan posa nie...kapasiti slow lak..
takkpaa..jangan jadikan puasa alasan untuk tak leh buat kerja.

ni semuaaa cobaaaa..

Thursday, September 28, 2006


well..i can't seem to open my blog...

for 5 can't open and looks hang


Friday, September 22, 2006

Brush sketch

for the past (almost 2 months)... i have my time to spend..n relax wth my comics..dvds..anime..
bought all tthe stuff..but never find the time to read/watch it..

some good stuff i think you guys should dig into:

DVD: Memento..Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MInd (Jim Carrey, is the title correct?)..American Splendour..BladeRunner..MadCity..Robocop..Batman the Animated Series Vol. 4 (Bruce TImm is the MAN!)..WindTalkers...Sarjan Hassan..Left. Adnan...Big Fish

Anime: Samurai Champloo ( Cool!)..Samurai 7

comics: Sin City: That yellow Bastard, Bone (not yet finish,,Jeff Smith is Genius!)..100 Bullets, Batman (Azarello& Risso..a match made in Heaven)..Fables..AKIRA (Katsuhiro d BOMB!)..All Star Superman & Batman ( Morrison+Quitely..whatcomicshouldbe)..Shaolin Cowboy(this DArrowisSOO,,&%#@!) name a few..

and here is "Akhir Deraman" lead comic character from my upcoming Silat Comic..

a play wth brush+ink+photoshop kaler...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fractured Leg Diary partIII

What a month.

already open my cast 2 weeks ago. Doctor normal for the bone to have a slow least 2 months. so i got another month MC. Now the painfull part has started: Fisiotheraphy.... i have to push my self in order to walk...IT IS SOOO PAINFUL...FROM THE TIP OF MY TOE..ANKLE AND ALL THE WAYYY TO MY HAMSTRING..

i can feel the pain..the muscle ache pulling my muscle to cramp...AGHHH...swelling soo weak..and full of pain..."lemah kepala lutuT!"..camtu lah nak cerita..the there's no energy on my left feet..

so try to walk..thru railing...light exercise to try to move my feet..move my ankle..cycling exercise//lightweight(foot) lifting..a little painful massage.. start to improve..i can stand with my both leg..but still can't walk..

and last week i was in Pekan, Pahang...balik kampung..Mak Long meninggal sebab lelah..petang dan malam tu sihat..takde tanda2 sakit ke..cuma tgh malam Jumaat tu dia sesak nafas..dan pada jam 2am dia telah kembali ke Rahmatullah...malam nifus Syaaban..Al fatihah.

tu la..kita takkan tahu..bila Tuhan nak ambil kita..siang..hari nie..sihat..esok? seolah-olah kita akan mati pada esok hari (lebih kurang camtulah hadith yg aku tau)


this is something i did a couple of weeks ago..

pencil sketch + photoshop colour

Monday, September 04, 2006

Another Digital.. practice

(been chased by a DEADLINE)
still working out on this digital wacom to make it easy for me,
i used Batman as a subject..
btw the dwg had been done a week ago..can't find the time to publish it here..
have to speed i did a simple pencil ;ayout n straight to ink..
waddoyu guys think?
is it a wise decision?