Monday, July 30, 2007

mornin sketch

did this sketch long time ago..
just colour a bit t'day..

nothing much to giler

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

behind the scene

my thumbnails n scripting stage

layout before i start penciling
final ink..over simple blue pencil..ok ka?

character studies

my bersepah desk

siang keje..balik rmh bjalan naik komuter..pastu jaga anak..

my only time to really sit down doing comics are late at night..
when my baby princess finally sleep..around 10-11pm i sit dwn
on my desk...or..if i'm to exhausted...
i wake up early in the morning around 5-5:30am..
to do my behind schedule work..


curi-curi buat komik kat opis..eheheh

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

busy july

Being Busy lately..

watch transformers..3 times...sear entertainment action movie of the year!...

Good to watch movie after 300 & Pan's labyrinth...( Spiderman3..oklaaa)

now i'm back as a Big Fan of TF...darn...some storyboard i'm doing currently,,,and some concept art..

another straight Brush & ink
now reading World War Hulk: love this story arch.. coz Hulk vs entire marvel comic characters

me 6 months old..this picture taken when she was 4 months