Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Graphic Novel: Liga Pendekar launch 31 May 2008

my Liga Pendekar is ready to publish ..
so it's time to put my visual storytelling to test..
to know if the public can accept it or not...

semua di jemput hadir: Tempat: Popular Book Fair, KL Convention Centre masa: 1pm-2pm Tarikh: 31 May 2008 (Sabtu) juga pelancaran komik2 lain seperti: Twinx (Pac), Lili Lulu Lala (Nur Azmi Mambo), Kecemprengman (Poyo/Kicap) dan Kartini (Koleksi Tembakau).

jumpa di sana..

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Monday, May 05, 2008

may Sketch

this is my character design/description in my upcoming graphic novel...
the rest of the characters are drawn in full body, except for this one: Badang..
so have to redraw,,and..look so lame and weak..


i do another sketch..
hmmm with more action/dynamic gesture..
i'll do..

so i ink....
and that;s it

next some sketches for chapter break...