Friday, September 05, 2008

New Komik BARU preview

Work in Progress..

inilah komik yg sepatutnya saya siapkan sebelum Liga Pendekar..
once Liga Pendekar dah siap & Publish..kena sambung dan complete'kan komik ni
yg originally supposed to be publish by PTS.. now i'm on inking stage..

no time too loose..whereever i go i bring my work..
like the pieces i show below...was taken when i was 3 days at JB..
my cousin angagement ceremony..
over there i manage to complete 4 pgs of inking..

not bad...

some inking process ere...
looks like weeknd is the only time for me to do my comic werks..
weekdays..doing strybrd @ office's my inking...ok ka?
i'm heavily influence and admire inking work by:
Kevin Nowlan, Paul Pope, Eric Canete, Jeff Smith, Bruce Timm,
Ryan Sook, Eduardo Risso, Lat,Adijin & Zoy (local comic HERO),Micheal Golden, Mike Allred, Kyle Baker, Tim Sale...and not forget the King
'Jack Kirby'..
yup they all using Brush

yup..satu lagi cobaan sketch n inking digital...
after Erik Larsen Savage Dragon..