Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Live Comic Manga Stamp Contest & LIVE Doodle art demo 5-6 Dec ini!

i will be doing LIVE Doodle Art at World Youth Stamp Exhibition
on 5-6th December, KL Convention Centre..
LIVE DOODLE juga bersama Aku Napie, Zamzami M Zain, Bophairy dan Azzim

there will be Stamp Manga/Comic Contest too!
BE there!
the form will be uploaded tomorrow on 29/11/14..
click link here:

Something i've been working on..

ahhhh need to scan my sketch book,,baru laaa bayk buleh update blog ni...

jumpa lagi next post ..dan juga di KL Convention Centre 5-6 Disember ini..

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Invasi cover WIP & TMNT fan art

still working on the cover..
me not a good cover artist..
just a visual storyteller...

one of the first design...rejected..
try my best to do more simple and attractive cover. some fan art..
lazy to scan...

hmm maybe got some artwork capture thru fon...
hmmm...TMNT movie fever...ramai buat fan idid one..errr two..too

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Amoras Inking trial

Hidup semakin busy..

finally completed 101 pages Invasi graphic Novel..
Balloon layout arrangemnt mode
last June busy month:..busy weeknd
Comic Art Festival KL... Hari KaryaOne..Wacana Seni Animasi with Muid Latif & Yazid..
Comic Conference at Cyberology Art Comic Animation at University malaysia Kelantan.. bachok Campus..
present paper Silat in Graphic Novel... then 2 weeks Short course on Screen Writing and Journalism @ University Salford cup...Ramadhan...raya.. dapat trial utk Inking test for Belgium Cartoonist 'Charel Chambre' for his comic 'Amoras'.. (go google look for this comic)..nah link:
did 2 antara 6 inker yg dia cuba test..done it within a week..A3 size artwrk..
tunggu dapat reply ' have to wait for other inkers to submit'...cheh...inker lain dapat sebulan nak buat 1-2pg inking..finally,,sebulan dapat reply.."sorry you didnt get the job'..
so ni lah sample inking nya...

kena cuba lagi next time..
di mulai dgn rough pencil layout by Mr Charel Cambre

Friday, April 18, 2014

Details...and Game of thrones


So i update me blog..
Need to finish this page before sleep..

Deadline is coming...

Damn George R Martin is good..
His writing is detail n not read d books
Just watchng d tv series..
..the us invest n pitty the charachters..

Will read his book one day...

Ok masa utk artwork..

Sunday, April 06, 2014

My inking process

Here is how i do my inking..
Using mix of brush..dip in ink..penbrush..pigment ink pen..
Sometimes..i do ink outline first..
..or i fill in the black first..

I am not a pro...just wanna share me working method..
Ok ke?..
Yup... saya masih weak nak buat inking kemas..

Suka the feel of 'brush stroke'...

Ya..update upload blog guna fon..
Maaf kalu spoiler...saya masih suspen akan penerimaan pembaca 
Akan gaya lukisan raw brushy lagi gritty ini...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

me give Talk on Comic Art/Drawing Comic @ Unisel Shah Alam


see the poster above? ( siapa la mamat poyot al gebuncit nih?) are going to have a talk. sharing knowledge session on drawing/making comic..well me are not a A list illustrator/comic artist..but with 13 years experience in comic & illustration & storyboard.. i share what i can...

and here are some WIP work...deadline knocking..not much fan art for me to do..

Monday, February 17, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Invasi so far...

Actually...mata tgh ngantuk..kedua..cuba update blog pakai fon..ketiga..hey..firsf post of 2014..

Byk pic behind the scene..progress of my work capture thru me fon..

Maka..update je lah blog..

Cuba try...