Sunday, August 27, 2006


too..bored doing this webcontent freelance job (sigh).. the project keep on draggin for a year...
soo..grab my wacom..and practice my digital artwork..still need more practice

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fractured Leg Diary partII

so this is what happened to my Leg.

The Doctor can't believe i have two fractured crack from to different direction,,.. kinda impossible.. a unique case... he said my leg has cracked before..just wait for the time to break..

he said " have you crack..fell...your leg..involve in any accident before?"

i said" for 20 years i play football..did fall..sprain my leg..knee..ankle..involve in minor accident but never feel this painfull like tday"

anyway the X Ray here shows the crack..i hope u can see the lines..the force came from 2 different angle.

got another week for nxt appointmnt with d doctor

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

scribbles n Noodles

being busy for a are some of my sribbles...practice actually....still weak in my drawing and inkin' that's why i need more practice!..

just to keep it update here in this lousy sketchbook of mine..

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Prebiu PMT

still struggling to finish my graphic novel...still stuck with pencilling stage..have to push the turbo button. Got 2 weeks left before i'm back at the office....sigh! still enjoying the relax mode..

Sunday, August 13, 2006


this wacom thing really gets into my's hard for me to draw n ink digitally using wacom.. this make pencil and manual inking on my top list..
its hard to control the line..the stroke the thickness..and the quality using doesn't feel like using pencil...DUHHH!..means i have to doo A LOTTT of PRACTICE...

i kinda get hang off with digital colouring,,the simple one..not yet digital painting...

so i think this is my 6th attempt on Digital Drawing n INkning...
pitty the subject matter: Blue Beetle...kinda like the character..hope DC will resurrect him

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Digital Inking

still need more practise on inking and drawing digitally using wacom+ photoshop. Still hard for me to control the tablet and line thickness pecil i did it manually ,..scan it..try to ink it digitally.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Race wth Flash

After a load of pills..painkillers..lying in bed..and doin' my unfinished freelance work..
i'll do some digital exercise..i did a couple of digital artwrk past few days...i think i over do it time around..i keep my coloring simple...kinda hard to adjust my layout pencil n inking think of my Flash....some balloon there i add up to spice the sketch..simple digital try out...hehehe

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fractured Leg Diary

Day 03:
nothing much..browse the web,,and lying in bed..coz the pain still a visit from my office mate and a friend from UC days...krom my friend from UC,manage to show me some tips on digital drawing... a lil bit of sketch on my kitchen... can't barely sleep later that night.

try to find my toe in this picture..

Day o4:
getting better now..less pain...& itchy start to come into the far i can handle it. What i did t'day..browse the web..did some illustration work..n whatch the Batman Animated series vol.4..what a good animation by the team of Bruce Timm,,Paul Dini..Curt Geda n the whole team...the only different animation n good one from 90s animated series..Dark..emotional..comic feel..not an ordinary saturday morning cartoons...just love it...kinda influece by Bruce Timm in me..hehhehe (dream on)

the rest..managed to finish some comics i bought a few months ago...and the result: here's the lousy sketch:

this is how my backyard looks like..

Spiderman..Black Cat n DD in action

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My broken leg

Ifractured my leg while playing football, futsal actually. Got my left leg cast calve beneath..and i get i month medical leave..WAAA..i'm in a league with Ronaldo, Rooney & Owen!..but..they get millions eventhou they had injuries..n i have none.. itchy leg n some pain. For 20 years i play football..i came throu sprain ankle n knee..and other minor injuries...and this is the major one!..sigh!

still feel pain...hopefully in a few days time..the pain is gone..and i can continue drawing. to think about it...i really need this i can finish reading all comics, books n watch all my Cds n reading my comics n TPs.

the Superman drawing i did here..was one night before i had my injury..itchy to try some's not yet finished..i will finish it n post it again.