Thursday, March 19, 2009

inking Progress

as predicted..
another busy year in 2009..
doing visual and storyboards for 2 animation project..
that's my day job.

back at home
a loota comics pencilling inking gotta do..not to forget handling PeKOMIK biggest event this coming April PeKOMIKon ( comic convention) with Anugerah PeKOMIK in it..
the first award on malaysia Comic Scene.

so many things/happening..

meeting with Sonny Liew and liquid city team..
Lat organise a dinner with John A Lent..

wanna do a journal on my 4 days working trip to LOndon..

soo many things to tell..but a lil time given in my hectic schedule..

anyway.. hope u like my artwork /sketch for MAc..
inking over Murzali aka Aramsyam pencil rough..

peghhh.. giler tak terkejar,,keje..pekomik..buat
adusss....beri la aku kekuatan...
ada tips pasal manage kerja nih..huhuh