Monday, May 29, 2006

Al Kapitan Maleasi

This is my version of Cpt was published in a kid magazine back in 80s...the design kinda like all of you guys are familiar with.....

try to come out with a new story take place where old Cap' altready his 40s..until ..the time comes where he is needed badly.....Yaaa..a typical superhero storyline

another sketch in 2004

Way back in 2004..i did my reseacrh on what i did was...i wanna come out with interactive digital comic...and my subject promote Malay Legend/folklore/hikayat... so ..i came with "Hikayat Malim Deman"..The Legend of Malim Deman... it was 2 years ago..of course it was bad...a lil' influence from Mignola here..heheheheheheehe

my Digital try-out

this was the first time i used the Wacom tablet and photoshop for coloring...the batman is the first drawing from scratch using wacom...the second one..i scan and color it in photoshop...

still waaayyy back behind outdated in digital coloring...need help and advice

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cover Design

For my upcoming Graphic novel ( comic).....i have to think of a design for the cover..please help choose the design..which is the best?...or any suggestion?

character Design 2

this one...playing around with sci-fi genre...try to come out with original design...its hard..too many influence..sigh....

neeed to scribble more.... a collaboration with a colleague of mine..MR ROZ aka Vonalder the great

by the way..the sketch is done by using a ball pen

character Design

i should be doin' my work..i should be doin' my work..i should be doin' my work..
the blog temptation is too much for me...have to drop by...and post my sketches,,,

the students are doin their i managed to scan n develope some character design...quite a lot...a series of it actually...

Monday, May 22, 2006


WAA...what a weekend...and Saturday i have to come to work (sigh..saturday is a working day)...instead of we can accomplish lots of thing..we have to undergo..full of craps at the office..staff traoning-lah..etc..and last saturday for the whole 4 hours..we have to listen ti knowledge club presentation..each lecturer has to submit an article every every week..and the chosen one has to present it. luckly my colleage has a Zen (portable movie player)..and we watched Shinobi throughout the session..a Good entertaining movie from it an adaptation from the game...anyway a good movie to watch...good cinematography..recomended!

Speaking of movie..the sketch of spiderman that i do here was done waayyy back in february..when rumours started to pop out who's the next villian...confirm it was for Sandman hmmm...clouds still on Venom,,HMMMM..
anyway..i manage to finished spidey and the rough layout of noticed theunfinished sketch on my's finished it! on Monday morning..instead i concentrate on my office work..i just draw!!!

next thing is:..cameo of hobgoblin or Lizard......? does Sam wanna keep Lizard in 4th installment? wish Sam Raimi can make Pete against the Sinister 6?

Friday, May 19, 2006

PMT Hero

wahhh..what a week!!!...during my class..i've asked my student to help scanned for me...hehehehe...well this is the protagonist..the hero of my upcoming Graphic novel..... the character will be on my introduction page of the book...just add in some colour to see how our hero would look like..girls out he your idol?...

34 years old...with lot of history....well girls..does he look mysterious and interesting? it or hate it...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

during Presentation

well,,this what i did during my English Class Presentation...nothing much tday....just wait for a couple of days..until the semester end so i can draw more...

(need to draw more to improve myself)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


well...just finished staff training..again..about teaching n lecture...
in my opnion every lecturer has its own way to deliver the knowledge.. anyway... just itchy to i scribble around..WALLAH...a character was born

i know the first picture, the leg is kinda short..still scribble for the look i wanted for the protagonist/ the hero of the story..that just pop into my head

Upcoming Work

wahh,,why today suddenly i'm eager to post artwrk here in this blog......maybe i'm to excited that i finally have my own blog?....coz a lot..i mean alot of my friends already have their own website even kid younger than me already know how to come out with their own website....whether or not there's people actually wanna see my this blog or not ?.. ijust dont care,,,,,yeppppiiIIIII ...i have my portfolio on d net!!!!..Eyaaabedabedooo

maybe i'm acting like a small kid too much...but this is New to ME!!!

anyway this is my upcoming comic project,,,a graphic novel is called "PendekaR Melayu TerAKHIR"..

i'm still on pencillng stage....120pgs maaann!!!!

luckly not many students i manage to scan my work in the computer lab,,,, didja like my pencil work?

Monday, May 15, 2006


finally...Now i know how to post my werkkk...
i no longer using Internet Explorer..(the comp at my office is using an old version of ie) i'm using...Mozilla firefox browser's my unfinished work..trying to used Acrylic here..

is Malaysian version of is called KOBIS-Man..heheheh.


still figuring out how to used

darn..where is the compose section?
wanted to put my sketches here