Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sketchbook update

always have sketch book around..
sketch will meeting..waiting etc..try to make it as a habit to keep the drawing grove moving..
i think i got 3 sketchbooks need to be scan..

back then always sketch on a piece of paper..then it was all over the place,,,in studio..on shelves..pile of office was everywhere..

now..i need a sketchbook..a thick with a good thick cover..
think I've started collecting my own sketch book...
conteng masa balik kampung..

Spiderman & Batman..glue me reading comics from 9 years old till today.

my frustration..can't paint like Alex Ross..

Another jam sketch for drawlah blog

till next post..maybe a bit progress on my latest comic..(delay..)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

fast digital sketch..major Zombie & a Power Girl

i thought accountant only need to do audit..
for academics also  have to do audit..
deadline is many documents need to be done..
my head and body starting to yawn..
i need a break..
and my blog need an update!

some fast digital sketch on character design approx 50min

 a major zombie  The Animated Series turnaround process..

i need help then Power Girl come to save the day..
a draw night subject matter..which is DC myself delay post on Drawlaaahh, here's my update

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Wolverine Fast Ball ..Nov entry..

no excuse to not update my blog..
a bit color update of previous sketch..
..overdue update at Drawlah blogspot .
go and check it out..some of Malaysian finest comic artist art jam..
 ..a bit what i do for a living...
 ...and some comic proposal... be continued..