Thursday, April 26, 2007

Clip frm Spider-man 3

Spider-man 3
the most anticipated movie of the year. for months i keep my eyes & ears closed.
don't wanna know anything or see anythng about this movie...i wanna keep it as a surprise..
my expectation are BIG for this sequel..


when i went to a toy shop..accidently.. there's a figure of venom!..
then i saw a clip of venom in a comic mag!
DARN!...anyway..i still mum about the whole storyline.
ban myself from watching the trailers..

i hope what i sketch here..
similar to what Sam Raimi has envision for this movie..

really wanna see a big fight and Peter here outnumbered.

gonna miss the premiere..coz ..balik kampung (back to my hometwn)...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My desk...
what a week for me...
my cousin pass i rush back to my kampung, Pekan Pahang..then visit my sister @ paka,Tgganu..
later come back got poisining..cough..list goes on..

for 2 weeks i didn't do work mush since deadline is chasing me..
anyway smthng to share:
back at office..busy teacing 10-5..
then doing concept art/storyboard..etc
my compny trying to pitch in 2D animation (pilot)...things goes well..luckly there's no rush hour @ the office

well.. some clip of my storyboard..sort of..heheh lazy work of mine
cemetary from my home town where my cousin pass away
because of heart attack /chain smoker..(so stop smokin now guys!)
Alfatihah & prayer to him. kampung... escaped frm my busy life in big city..
Bone by Jeff Smith. A Brilliant comic book to read. Such joy and entertainment...still haven't finish reading hack of TPB..complete it.. A MUST BUY!
nothing new..another sketches/ink work from my dunno when to publish graphic novel.
now this project i put on hold..must concentrate on my MSC comic..
( will show more preview of my graphic worries)

"don't ever mess up with me!"

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Malaysia Comic artist (PeKOMIK)

its been a year since i blog..

yeaaahh..hepi beday to my blog YEHAAAA..
anyway i wanna share with you guys some talented comic artist/cartoonist or we call it PeKOMIK in's just sad with soo much talent..there are not many
Big comic publisher that can
push Malaysian comic scene..

how sad..

in no particular order or preference some photos that i have in my digicam

Mr Alan Quah..been around in comic scene & advertising fr almost 15 years..correct me if i'm wrong
i think you can visit him @
errrr...not sure fr the correct add.. (Pic taken last year during 24hr comic day)

Our funny pekomik..Mr Alif...go check his funny work at (Pic taken last year during 24hr comic day)
Benjamin of newsarama..our local guy who do international comic review. (Pic taken last year during 24hr comic day)
The ever smiling Gilamon..sure la..they won 15K frm MSC comic pitch. frm left: Slaium, Lefty, Micheal C2V (Pic taken last year during Dec06, 24hr comic day)
Ahhh..the beauty of pekomik ladies..frm left: Farhana, Sarah Joan, forgot her name..sue..suzy..from Mars & Uranus animator for Saladin animated series, Aimo..also wth saladin Project, Hayati (Xanseveira) wth Sarah(Pic taken last year during Dec06, 24hr comic day)

since i dont have much time to doodle back at home...i just install my wacom tablet at the office..
some WonderWoman from my digital doodle...still a lot to learn & practice from me..

my old sequential from Urban Comics days back in 2002..
dont forget t visit:, lefty & Roy during cartoon conference April 2006
ubdertaker frm umbracomic, vrempire (, tarakucha & Gecko (both of them are workin hard on new comics from KLP production, tarakucha, Sireh ( one of the reason i buy APo comic mag)
a short reunion of UC team: fy (, Yus (, Milx (
i'm absorbing their aura and talent
: left: Kinsun (batman fame) &Tan Eng huat (Doom patrol & batman maxi series)
Breakfast with malaysia most love international cartoonist lat aka Dato' mohd Nor Khalid.
what with the shades? eye infection-lah

these people are the reasons i collect Gempak ,,
left: me, slaium ( luv his mignolaish inking), kenny ( his simple vibrant style)

My eye infection-lah. started from my right..2 days later..booth of my eye are in constant pain & fatigue
Pekomik comitee meetng. my left: writer panaharjuna. right: the great kerengge..from Gila-Gila..(hoping there is new comic work frm him)
Back in the 80's there was a publisher called media seni who published 20 one shot comics monthly..eventhou they a lil bit influenced by conan and US comic.
2 of them are: left; Rosli Hamed, Khuzae..
and cedric (who brng 24hr comic day to Malaysia) and anther MSC comic pitch winner mr Salim

i think..this is the longest post ever for me

till then..keep on bloggin!!!