Thursday, August 21, 2008

my latest sketch...

this is rarely happened to me..
this is my second time being absent from my blog for too long,,,
it happened once..when i'm completing my Liga pendekar comic..doing dtp,,ink,,etc..

it happened again..coz...i have to marking students werks...admin stuff..paperwork,,
...pack,,and unpack..coz i'm moving back to Subang Office in concept artist department,,and become lead storyboard artist..and assitant to art director...

so for a month..i'm back in production...
kena pulun and speed up werk,,,dah karat...asyik rileks je...
la ni behind schedule je memanjang,,,

ok ..nie..beberpa sketches,,manual n digital,,,'mostly post kat battle thread di

Memula sketch camni..digtal greyscale..pastu tok guru Syarul..
touch up sikit greyscale,,then colour i belasah je...ahaha

ini cuba manual water colour approach...nampak tak jadi..
then touch up pakai ink..
redesign title: Jengking MARAH!

another water colour practise..
still look horrible,,

did version of batman..a month before Dark Knight release on July 17