Monday, July 31, 2006

Meeting Sketch

this is what i did during meeting last excited..The Ninja Turtles are back to the Big Screen next year.

Fauzi is recovering

I went to see Fauzi last saturday
..he is recovering..he can move..and walk on his own..except he kinda hard to speak..maybe the mouth/jaw muscle is not yet fully recovered.

its not diabetic..high blood preasure..or high cholestrol level that cause the stroke. it was intense pressure, stress & not enough sleep..and he is somewhere in mid 40's.

somthng for us to earn a lesson not overwork..or push yourself..

Here is the photo i took of Fauzi & his youngest son Bilal. he try to smile..but the muscle is not strong n we can see his weary looks n the lost of weight. recover soon Fauzi. May Allah bless you.

to know more about Fauzi:

Thursday, July 27, 2006

15min sketch

Early mornin exercise:

subject: Raphael Bezzeker mode
medium: photoshop + mouse
duration: +- 15 min

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blue Sketch

Another blue sketch...something for u guys to wonder.. if u thinku know what these scenario is all about..tell me....

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ahmad Fauzi the Cartoonist kena Stroke

My buddy in this this small comic & cartoon industry in Malaysia had stroke attack recently. i was inform a few days ago. he is now at his parent's house at Dato Keramat. i heard that he cant move his hand..paralyze kut. but in weak condition..kalu dtg tu dia sedar..just can't talk.

i've known him back in 1997..he kinda like inspire me to pursue in this comic biz...he's most famous for his cartoon strip ..Spot the Difference..Lucid Dreams

Anyone kindly enough to pay him a visit, can do so at this address:
54A, Lorong Keramat 11,
Jln Dato Keramat, KL
for those who is not familiar with him, here's the photo of Fauzi & his work:

Friday, July 21, 2006

Prebiu PMT

This is the preview of my upcoming Graphic Novel that will appear on 'Satria Alam' Graphic Novel soon to be published in one month bt PTS publishing. i've got 5pgs preview in it.
BTW, the masthead (title design) of my comic is still not finalised yet..still workin' on it.

Al-Fatihah..Jeri kembali ke Rahmatullah

Jeri @ Ahmad Azhari bin Mohd Nor, 51 tahun telah meninggal Dunia akibat Kanser. berita ni diterima dari rakan2 Jeri sendiri..(satu Batch masa di ItM)..setelah menerima berita dari rakan2 seperjuangan beliau yakni Nik Rashid, Foad Hassan dan Akif Emir..saya cek website utk pengesahan. sumber ini di ambil dari:

Pagi ini. Terima SMS. Dari Awie ParkingProject. Jeri meninggal dunia. Di Hospital Universiti. Pada jam 4 pagi tadi. Kanser.Hailing from Perak, Ahmad Azhari bin Mohd Nor or "Jeri", 51, is what is known as a Pop Artist. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, this full-time artist uses bold flat colours, popular images and figures from publications, printage and assemblage techniques in his works. He has had numerous solo and joint exhibitions locally, and has received an Honourable Mention in the Phillip Morris Art Award in 1995.Takziah buat keluarga allahyarham Jeri.
Berikut adalah gambar bersama Allahyarham ketika di Galeri Petronas, menyaksikan launching & Talk oleh Dato' Mohd Nor Khalid @ Lat di awal tahun ini. Kalau di US, PopArt akan sinonim utk Andy Warhol, Di Malaysia Jeri adalah PoP Art artis Malaysia. Di fahamkan kesemua Painting yg berada dalam pameran di Balai Seni Lukis Negara kini dibeli oleh pihak Balai. (selain di beli oleh syarikat mahupun org persendirian)
dari kiri: Foad, Jeri (bertopi berbaju biru), Kromosom
Dari kiri: Isteri Jeri, Jeri, Azhar, Lat, Pengarah balai seni Ptronas, Seow Tin (Director PGL), Foad

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Work Station

....well,, this used to be my work station

this is how my temporary hide-out look like..


finally after the renovation..this is how my cubical in the office look like..still waiting for the contractors to finish paintng works..wayering..trunking..networking ..etc

Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend scribBLUES

so tired..last saturday was a graduation day...and i've been asigned to be a "DoorMAN"..other academitions in other colleages are a here the lecturers are like OT..or aloowance or anythng..have to work till 7 on Saturday...nuff said...this totally different,,,thanks to the "Beauty only on the outside..."

Sooo..back to what i love most..some scribbles before i went to DREAMLAND..

Friday, July 14, 2006

you LoosE!!


i received the the e-mail yesterday, it's seem that i'm out of the competition for the MSC Animation Pitch 2006. no worries..but you can come and watch the other 10 particpants present their work on 24/7/06..Monday...Lets Jom!...

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for your interest and submission for the proposal of the MSC Animation Pitch 2006.The Evaluation Committee, after much
consideration and deliberation regret to inform you that your proposal has been unsuccessful.We have however noted your interest in
the project and will advise you on any future developments.


The Creative Multimedia Department of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) has organized an animation pitching competition, under the MSC Creative Multimedia Content Initiative (M-CMCI). For this competition, companies or individuals were asked to pitch their ideas or pre-production of their animated characters, the story and eventual background information of the show.

For the Pitching Day, 10 shortlisted companies / individuals have been asked to pitch their ideas in person to a selected panel of judges. In conjunction with this event we would like to invite you to attend the Pitching Day which will be held on: -

Date : 24th July 2006, Monday
Time : 9.00am – 2:00pm
Venue : Songket Room,
Cyberview Lodge Resort,Cyberjaya


9.00am – Registration
9.25am – 1st Presentation (Land Below the Wind)
9.40am – 2nd Presentation (ABC Monster Detective)
9.55am – 3rd Presentation (Drop Dead)
10.10am – 4th Presentation (Naga Kid)
10.25am – 5th Presentation (The Stalk)
10.40am – 6th Presentation (Borneo Escape)
10.55am – 7th Presentation (The Microable Patrol)
11.10am – 8th Presentation (Color of Life)
11.25am – 9th Presentation (Strangers in the Paradise)
11.40am – 10th Presentation (The Ardh)
12.00am – Coffee break and Networking
12.30pm – Announcement of the winners
1.15pm – Press Release
2.00pm – End of event

RSVP by Wednesday –
19th July 2006
Ms Shahrizan Sharif

Ms Idarahayu Ayob -

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

sketch di kala BORING bored with my office i did this lousy sketch....ARRR..i dunno head is dizzy..maybe to much exposure to the computer screen...

Monday, July 10, 2006

old character design..

my office is on for the next 2 weeks my only access to the web via is the comp lab.. ..sigh! table and computer...

these character designs are for the animation pitch's been almost one month since the submission.....until today there's no news from them...i think i'm out of the competition...

no worries..i did enjoy the process..the sketches and design...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Artwork Dolu-dolu

mengorek khazanah dlm komputer ku..maka terjumpalah karya-karya lama yg tak seberapa ini...(an ancient artwork of mine)

1. yang ini karya ni di lukis tak silap aku semasa di itm,,,i think it was somewhere around 1997-1999...i think it was a comic proposal..for which publisher i do not remember..

2. this one was a pencil sketch in interior artwork for children novel

when you look back at your old will say "darn! it's sucks! i never knew i was a bad comic artist then.."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cartoon approach

some one called me...ask me to try out some illustration for a book... i don't know which style i'm going to,,i just scribble...hmmm.. the result: never thought that i can do a cartoon strip...? whatdidja think of it?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Another Preview i promised..another preview of my upcoming Graphic Novel..... an action packed drama..set during Japanese Occupation in Malaysia..enjoy the pencil sketch..

Spiderman : the Next Chapter

while waiting for the German vs Sweden match...i kinda thing..what will happen..or who will be the next villian for Spiderman i scribble for ,,i think...the villian that should appear in Spiderman 4,5,6....this happened/ idea came before the Spidey teaser trailer hit the web..

if u really are really true fan of spiderman..tell me the name of the characters below...