Tuesday, February 27, 2007

my inking werk

what a week..finally..i get to have a diner with my company...(preveious company kat cyberjaya jangan mimpi la nak dapat company diner of benefit..heheh)...nie celebrate sekali ngan chinese new year..am i full that night.
pencil sketch for my comic..i self reject...for me..one pg is not enough..
so i go for double spread page...syok gak doin' landscape
don't ever get into to trouble wth my lil' princess here...goin' to her second month

from pencil to ink...wanted to simplified my inking 'ter' detail lak..

try to squeeze time while doin my tight comic schedule
(hari2 tido pkl 2 woooo)
my company dinner @ Armada Hotel...

that's all folks..c ya on next post..
gotta go back finishin my storyboard werk..
damn my MSC comic got anthr 24pg to finish da script n layout

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

anther digital class

i know..i'm still weak at digital painting..
just post for feedback..

this artwtk (horrible) was done during my class...just showing to them what they can do..
in photoshop..

i didnt spent a lot of time drawng digital...paintng..
have to squeeze some time for it..

ok..gonna take a break...wanna watch HEROES#15..
before back @ doin' comic...

Monday, February 12, 2007

a lil' digital werk

with a new born baby.. it's hard to get a good night sleep..
but it's okay..
clock is ticking and i'm still on book 2 on my LOP comic doin thmbnail sketch
and scripts..

as for my PMT komik..still got 10pgs of ink werk t do and..luckly got a
friend of mine willing to do the inking and cover for me..

well..this is some digital work..introduction on digital painting in my class..
the students are amaze (hehe..the students still new..can show off la..hehehe)
for the pro...my work still sucks..amatuer lagi lohhh..

still need to brush up my anatomy and coloring..

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February showcase

either make it clean of with shadow?...or
kena buat balik..
ahhh...my lovely princess,,,now 1 month old..
she will grow up n become a supergirl..