Monday, December 29, 2008

my inking..( still a lot to improve...)

another busy year..and.. Walllaaaah! its end of the year..again i fail to post consistantly every week... new resolution...hope i can doodle more next year..

maybe..because of me being a fulltime storyboard artist and doing come concept art in animation house..make me busy...


some inking of mine..

this one a pencil job..

my inking on another penciller ( Hamzi) second ink job..
the first one ...back in 2000, was awful..think i'm getting better using brush for inking..
am i?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dec sketch again..

so many things to do so lil time..
get my self a new hand set..the old problem byk sangat...

so bila tukar...mamat yg set hp..ntah camna buat...katanya aku leh buat sendiri kat rumah..
bila try transfer no dr hp memory to sim card..ada beberapa no je...


enjoy some sketches..ehehe