Friday, April 18, 2014

Details...and Game of thrones


So i update me blog..
Need to finish this page before sleep..

Deadline is coming...

Damn George R Martin is good..
His writing is detail n not read d books
Just watchng d tv series..
..the us invest n pitty the charachters..

Will read his book one day...

Ok masa utk artwork..

Sunday, April 06, 2014

My inking process

Here is how i do my inking..
Using mix of brush..dip in ink..penbrush..pigment ink pen..
Sometimes..i do ink outline first..
..or i fill in the black first..

I am not a pro...just wanna share me working method..
Ok ke?..
Yup... saya masih weak nak buat inking kemas..

Suka the feel of 'brush stroke'...

Ya..update upload blog guna fon..
Maaf kalu spoiler...saya masih suspen akan penerimaan pembaca 
Akan gaya lukisan raw brushy lagi gritty ini...