Monday, November 27, 2006

What A ToothACHE

..after ..a few toothache in a couple of 2 months..

this is the worst..
almost 30mins i had to take 2 pills of pain killer and i doze off..


it happens again, the next morning...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rejected work..


DID try my luck to do some comicstrip too 2 newspaper ..kosmo and Malay Mail..
so far Malay mail rejected it...and i didn't hear any news from the editorial department of Kosmo..

maybe i'm still not good enough..


a longggg a way to go for me..

these are the character design of that pitch:

Monday, November 13, 2006

Another ink comic preview

this is another upcoming ink work on still late on schedule graphic novel..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lunch with LAT: episode II

tak tau apsal kat previous post tak leh post gambo..

kali ni saya akan post gambo saya ketika bersama Lat aka Dato' Mohd Nor Khalid.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lunch with LAT

I just got back from Kuantan last Friday..
just had my shower that night,


Heard the message tone......received an sms - nothing special.....
But, this one IS special :)

"Saya di KL- nak lunch esok sabtu..12:30?"
- Lat

Lo and behold!!!! Did God just gave me the greatest Raya green packet or what?!
I jumped in full joy (the towel still intact around my sexy waist)... was so happy and so very EXCITED (my wife's favourite word for this is "TERUJA"-learnt it from one of the Cerekarama on TV3) is not easy to get to see him...he is a very busy man...and very seldom would he come down to KL ( he lives in Ipoh).

Usually, i'm the one who'd be trying to see him...and would run around like a crazy chicken on a farm- trying to catch him during events/seminars/special occassion....

I was beaming in my feels like i'm dreaming...."could this be real?" (the silly smile still on my face....)

so we had lunch (my wife tagging along -she was sooooo..."TERUJA"...been collecting his work since she was 9).....chit-chat...talked about his new project...local comic scene...learnt lots of stuff from him..showed him my latest work for his comments n advice..etc..

Discussed about setting up the Comic Association and bringing the local comic scene to a new height.....n he personally like to start a club first...instead of an association.......coz...he was involved in a Cartoon organization before.....lots of story from him.....will let you guys know the details soon.....

and his latest news..

Now 'Kampung Boy' is available for American and Canadian market....and he personally pass a copy to me ...with his autograph!!!
mahal tu..
it's the most stupendous edition..coz it's not sold here in MAlaysia..


...and before we end our session..yes...he loves comics.....and planning to come out with a new..
Graphic Novel...


coming soon...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Batman vs Superman

trying to ink using brush and ink..the result kinda good...
looks different from my previous style..

kinda like it thou..

scan it...and still trying to find the right time to colour it..

for me... i think Bats gonna kick Sups Ass..!!!