Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Elektra..after sienkiewicz

just scribblin around..and..hey?..looks like the great master work Bill Sienkiewicz.....hehehee..i'm dreaming drawing next to Sienkiewicz...ehehehehee

pen: 5-8 mins

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Digital december

on dec 11 i was 30..and still a long wayyy for me..in digital painting..
still i'm no where....near krom..adijin..milx..tan eng huat..billytan..sheldon..kinsun..sunder raj (some malaysian top comic artist)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dec Preview

ohhh..gettin' tired & busy all d way..

another 3 pgs of pencil & 44pgs of ink to go to complete my MSC comic..
then the publisher from PTS start knockin on the door of my proposed comic for themmm..

now that they cut the comic pg amount to 78 ( i think)... have to fasten up my pace ...
so the preview above is the RAW ink works of my other pendekar comic fr PTS...

hope this sequential works

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pendekar: Work in Prog

for quite some time now,....... ... ... . .

Today (Sunday)

i don't feel like going to work (office) tomorrow..
back to office..the rush of deadline keep on banging!,,,since i'm not just teaching..
have to involve in production also (me doin animation..ehehhe) & later at night doin comic!

..thinking to myself...

better i rest at home..i'm my own boss and do what i love most..doin comics...
hahaha..dream on Azhar...!!

now something to share...my previous work!

sample from my upcoming MSC comic with ink assist by Prem:

my comic cover pitch:..huduhnya..ugly

Trying to pitch for Animation MSC Pitch last year:..i lost..ewheheheh:

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Surfin November

its November already..how fast time flies..
and still i'm behind schedule on my MSC comic

now that semester break is over..i'm busy on academic side again..less time to draw..
why silver surfer?..last 2 weeks..my fellow budding comic artist got interview by newsarama on his latest comic project which is: Silver Surfer..artwrk by tan Eng Huat..

like his new style...
already place an order.. then wanna see him to get his autograph...

inspired by his wash ink werk..try to draw my surfer version..
awww..look weird...ehehehe..Tan's version better...

anyway..got tons of pict me on pekomik stuff..comicworld n 24hr comic day..
still cant find the time to squeeze it here..

why my post kinda long...
..tired already having 2 days of full day class..

gonna read comic to relax...

btw..which version of scanning is version..b& w or grey scale..hmmm

Thursday, November 01, 2007

MY email being HACKed


i really am piss off..... coz i lost a lot of my friends & associates contact/mail...

out of the blue...my friend said he received my yahoo mesengger with weird link and messages......

he said my yahoo account might be hacked..got virus... i was surprised..coz my yahoo email and messenger seems to be ok...

...later that night...at my house...try to log in my email...ym...and seems that my account is invalid...

sooo have to create a new account..

for those who wanna contact me via email...this is my new email;

email: azharuc@yahoo.com
ym: azharuc


Friday, October 19, 2007

work in progress

this is what i've been doing that keeps me busy for a couple of months..

behind schedule work..

my upcoming comics/graphic novel... kinda like a teaser....still dunno if there's a publisher out there wanna publish it..

boleh jual ka?...hmmmm

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October digital sketch

after reading jeff smith's captain marvel mini series...kinda like cap Marvel now..
still have problem using wacom..cant control properly..cant draw as u draw manually on paper..
have to practice more..

Monday, September 17, 2007

my behind schedule comic

my work station...night is the time i can do my comic werks
try to ink using brush like bruce tim, darwyn cooke, jeff smith..dunno if i can ink like em
thumbnail sketches
character design
pencil werk
my Gurus..wish i can meet them some day
my rush ink work
...and i'm not even half finish....demmmm!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aug digital sketch

need to work more on my digital dwg n inking..

still wondering how this professionals do digital/sketch/inking/color/painting..

or i need to practice a lot more...


Friday, August 24, 2007

Kevin Eastman in KL

something to show to kevin eastman,,

Batman skecth i did a couple of days ago...

n TMNT pin-up fan art sketch..
(hoping to get a gig wth mirage publishing)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

tribute to Mike Wieringo

feel sad to know he's gone..

feel like he's close to me...

used to go to his blog..and used his artwrk as reference...

we'll miss him...

did some tribute to his work....(still sucks at digital ink n colouring)..
i'll finish this digital sketch soon

Monday, July 30, 2007

mornin sketch

did this sketch long time ago..
just colour a bit t'day..

nothing much to show..bz giler

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

behind the scene

my thumbnails n scripting stage

layout before i start penciling
final ink..over simple blue pencil..ok ka?

character studies

my bersepah desk

siang keje..balik rmh bjalan naik komuter..pastu jaga anak..

my only time to really sit down doing comics are late at night..
when my baby princess finally sleep..around 10-11pm i sit dwn
on my desk...or..if i'm to exhausted...
i wake up early in the morning around 5-5:30am..
to do my behind schedule work..


curi-curi buat komik kat opis..eheheh

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

busy july

Being Busy lately..

watch transformers..3 times...sear entertainment ...best action movie of the year!...

Good to watch movie after 300 & Pan's labyrinth...( Spiderman3..oklaaa)

now i'm back as a Big Fan of TF...darn...some storyboard i'm doing currently,,,and some concept art..

another straight Brush & ink
now reading World War Hulk: love this story arch.. coz Hulk vs entire marvel comic characters

me baby..now 6 months old..this picture taken when she was 4 months

Friday, June 29, 2007

UnFinished Digital Batman

Digital painting practise..wayy back in August 2006 last year..
when i fractured my leg..
why unfinished...?
busy preparing my other graphic novel..

i know..tak lawa..a lot to learn..
practice digital dwg from pencil to ink to colour/painting..

wish i have more time..or
doin comic fulltime..


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Transformers CoNvention....

i was awe when watching the cartoons back in the 80s
after 20 years .. i can see the TF con,, ( Malaysia version la)
(not big as TF con in US or Japan..
but that'll do..)
and see some of the TF toys n merchandise.. to share wth all of u

only can afford a few..got myself first TF toy was grimlock 'BinalTech' version
which transformed into Ford mustang (originally A T rex)..

then early this year got myself a new G version of Optimus Prime..then Grimlock
yup.. you can see the original Grimlock n the rest of Dinobots above (original release)

here's the Movie version of TF toys
(only got myself Leader Optimus & 2 Versiion of BumbleeBee)
TF comic
My fav villian: Starscream
another fav chrctr of mine: JAZZ
Bumbleebee ori version
The decepticons
Sibuk je Starwars nih!

Fan fav..Optimus Prime ( i hav that one on the left)
Still the original design of Megatron is the best

Binaltech series
Me wth Zarul..the 7' Great Leader
i hope u guys enjoy my childhood craze..