Monday, December 29, 2008

my inking..( still a lot to improve...)

another busy year..and.. Walllaaaah! its end of the year..again i fail to post consistantly every week... new resolution...hope i can doodle more next year..

maybe..because of me being a fulltime storyboard artist and doing come concept art in animation house..make me busy...


some inking of mine..

this one a pencil job..

my inking on another penciller ( Hamzi) second ink job..
the first one ...back in 2000, was awful..think i'm getting better using brush for inking..
am i?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dec sketch again..

so many things to do so lil time..
get my self a new hand set..the old problem byk sangat...

so bila tukar...mamat yg set hp..ntah camna buat...katanya aku leh buat sendiri kat rumah..
bila try transfer no dr hp memory to sim card..ada beberapa no je...


enjoy some sketches..ehehe

Friday, November 07, 2008

November Preview


i think this year is the least i post here in my blog..
maybe because of the tight schedule.. must be discipline to update my blog

and i still behind schedule...i hope i can finish inking my new graphic novel this month...

hope u like it...
soo many things to share...too little time..
...its a finish ink from my pencil i post here somewhere in this blog..

"Demi masa..sesungguhnya manusia itu sentiasa dalam kerugian..."

Saturday, November 01, 2008

MDEC Digital comic Pitch 2008

well..kinda late to post about MDEC digital Pitch 2008..coz the final pitch was on 27 August 2008.

my team Semangat Gasing won the pitch..and my uncle's team Aramsham also won the pitch..these 2 teams i involve as an inker.

as the day come for pitching day i have a deadline back at the office! so for the next 36hrs ..i wasnt asleep...what a record..coz i can stay up late to 48hrs when i was an architecture student.... ni dah tua..tak larat nak stay up lg dah.. ntah camna ari tuh leh bertahan lama plak..

so here's the pict:..
errr before that..some of my sketches i would like to share wth everyone...

Spiderman vs Green Goblin..
a classic battle!
a little brush inking practice within 90 min..
yes i was grow up with spiderman comics...hope Spiderman4 & 5 will do
justice after...kinda letdwn Spiderman 3..
here...while taking a break doing strybrd at the office..
a 15min digital sketch

- what i heard around 36 submissions..and 20 finalist fr final pitch.
- some of the finalist are well known in Malaysia Comic scene..some are my friends.
its good to see this event and people participate in this pitch..coz it really helps malaysia comic scene..

they are the concept team of Saladdin animated series..and they are the finalist for MDEC Comic Pitch 08:
they are: tarakucha, Iman@Popia, Nanzo ( not d finalist) & Gecko Amar
Milx with his multimedia partner for his pitchmy team presentation:me, firdaus & Prem.. i was supposed to present
tapi tgh mamai satu hari x tido lg
Rabun & Aramsham..presentng historical comic on Melaka dwnfall.
ini membuktikan komik hitam putih pon boleh menang,,tau,,ehehe
team hebat nih..dedua power digital art: Aura & Popia of the finalist (FG)..n nanzo (red sweater)
the ladies of local comic scene ( team saladin gak): Hanie & Aimo
dari depan: Tarakucha, eisu (finalist gak) & Apai G3
X-lid: tunjuk aksi sebelum present pitch komik dia
the judges frm right: Fauzul PTS, Jaafar Taib, boss Ameen & Ayour
me with the great talented people of Malaysia Muid Latif (left) & Kromosom (rght)

Happy faces during the pitch: eisu, Hasnul of Mdec & Roy Albah (komikoo edtr)

me & the otais: (L) Aura, Rambai, Pandan, Kromosom & me
inilah Puyuh: like his artwrk,,he's d finalist too

frm left: Apai, Firdaus, Prem, Azhar, Murzali (Aramsham), Rabun

thanks a zillions to MSC fr the comic really helps the local comic industry..
and gimme time..try to upgrade my blog..
& post more artwrk here..

till then have to speed up inking my new comic..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Filem youtube yg musti tonton!

a multi talented friend of mine..
an editor..a cartoonist..a artist..entertainter,, an actor, director..vfx genius..dan macam macam lagi lah...

so korang kena tonton trailer nih!

Friday, September 05, 2008

New Komik BARU preview

Work in Progress..

inilah komik yg sepatutnya saya siapkan sebelum Liga Pendekar..
once Liga Pendekar dah siap & Publish..kena sambung dan complete'kan komik ni
yg originally supposed to be publish by PTS.. now i'm on inking stage..

no time too loose..whereever i go i bring my work..
like the pieces i show below...was taken when i was 3 days at JB..
my cousin angagement ceremony..
over there i manage to complete 4 pgs of inking..

not bad...

some inking process ere...
looks like weeknd is the only time for me to do my comic werks..
weekdays..doing strybrd @ office's my inking...ok ka?
i'm heavily influence and admire inking work by:
Kevin Nowlan, Paul Pope, Eric Canete, Jeff Smith, Bruce Timm,
Ryan Sook, Eduardo Risso, Lat,Adijin & Zoy (local comic HERO),Micheal Golden, Mike Allred, Kyle Baker, Tim Sale...and not forget the King
'Jack Kirby'..
yup they all using Brush

yup..satu lagi cobaan sketch n inking digital...
after Erik Larsen Savage Dragon..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

my latest sketch...

this is rarely happened to me..
this is my second time being absent from my blog for too long,,,
it happened once..when i'm completing my Liga pendekar comic..doing dtp,,ink,,etc..

it happened again..coz...i have to marking students werks...admin stuff..paperwork,,
...pack,,and unpack..coz i'm moving back to Subang Office in concept artist department,,and become lead storyboard artist..and assitant to art director...

so for a month..i'm back in production...
kena pulun and speed up werk,,,dah karat...asyik rileks je...
la ni behind schedule je memanjang,,,

ok ..nie..beberpa sketches,,manual n digital,,,'mostly post kat battle thread di

Memula sketch camni..digtal greyscale..pastu tok guru Syarul..
touch up sikit greyscale,,then colour i belasah je...ahaha

ini cuba manual water colour approach...nampak tak jadi..
then touch up pakai ink..
redesign title: Jengking MARAH!

another water colour practise..
still look horrible,,

did version of batman..a month before Dark Knight release on July 17

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Digital Illustration: Rooster Series

My first try into fully digital painting.
Consignment work for corporate illustration.
kinda worried if i can't deliver the job..

it's a first try ..not bad.. i think..
tapi Jaafar Taib punya Ayam Hutan Series lagi gempak..

so..its kinda proven..i can do digital illustration job..
with no pressure.. long time line...
so boleh undo byk kali..ehehehe

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Afdlin Shauki baca Liga Pendekar!

bersama Afdlin Shauki di Pejabatnya...syok oo lepak kat opis dia

cam tak percaya saya bila memula dapat panggilan daripada Afdlin Shauki..
terkedu dlm sepi sambil hati meronta keseronokan tahap klimaks!

d maestro of movie making, pelakon,pelawak,pengarah, penulis,penyanyi..macam2 la..

dia dapat contact saya dari kenalan yg mengenali saya menerusi urusan kerja..

dan lagi sekali dia call..dia tahu akan kewujudan komik Liga Pendekar...

dan dia kata.."Bro..bila gua boleh beli komik lu bro..."

sebenarnya nak amik gambar toy collection Afdlin Shauki je..ehehe ( hope u enjoy my book Afdlin)

gila aku geram dan jeles ngan collection toys dia...
ni baru kat lobby opis dia...belum masuk bilik Afdlin Shauki...

nak tau apa ada dlm opis dia?...tu part 02 la...
ehehehedlm recording studio Afdlin Shauki ..tetengah tu Pacai,,best woo diorang buat muzik