Thursday, March 27, 2008

Late March Entry

this is my new sketch in 3 weeks..( serious, didnt touch my sketchbook in 3 weeks) being busy from one deadline to another..
after finish my msc comic pitch..for 2 weeks..pack office is shifting to KL.
at 13th Floor near KLCC.. then marking students work.. doing consignment work preparing Malaysia premiere comic convention.. wanna know about Malaysian KOmik scene?
check it here:
then preparing my msc comic to publish..(have to translate from Emglish to Malay).. for the pass 2 sleep hour: 4-5 hrs per day.. weekend can get "6-7hrs.. that's my life at the moment..
work hard and still struggling t survive here in D Big City: Kuala Lumpur.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Whoa! I am busy..ahahaa

sorry guys..for those who always drop by my blog.
Yes..for January till February i'm in a very overdue tight deadline..
had to finish my MSC comic.pitch FINAL submission..
once inking and scanning are complete. you have to check the DTP (ballon & text layout).

then have to transfer it into e-comic....

can see here the tiger & the lady and Ironman dwg here( thanks Hamzi fr the great colouring)..
is after eric caneth...yup i'm crazy into his masterpiece stroke and inkbrush play..

all these artwrk..are exercise for me as i join the
character redesign battle..
can check the forum here:
pergh battle
or the blog here:
Perghdotcom Battle Showcase