Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Inking process..2 months no update

since my last update which is on February.. i am so tight with deadline..trying to pitch for Liquid City..but in the end i'm not sure my proposal got straight to finish my next comic..graphic novel...closed to date.. 4 years in the making...( coz half way in 2006-early 2008 had to complete Liga Pendekar comic that won IPCC grand 2006)... at the same time busy with ofice work..and preparing PeKOMIK event & PeKOMIK award 2010 on last March..

i am that busy..pitty my family had a lil time with me...

that's my workstation at Shah Alam.. my weekdays station..usually work late night..
and below is the process...

feel free to comment..critic..

belasah je..kononnya nak pulun publish masa pesta buku mac arituh..tak sempat berduyun buku on the list nak print... mungkin publish bulan Jun kut..kena tunggu giliran.