Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pendekar: Work in Prog

for quite some time now,....... ... ... . .

Today (Sunday)

i don't feel like going to work (office) tomorrow..
back to office..the rush of deadline keep on banging!,,,since i'm not just teaching..
have to involve in production also (me doin animation..ehehhe) & later at night doin comic!

..thinking to myself...

better i rest at home..i'm my own boss and do what i love most..doin comics...
hahaha..dream on Azhar...!!

now something to previous work!

sample from my upcoming MSC comic with ink assist by Prem:

my comic cover pitch:..huduhnya..ugly

Trying to pitch for Animation MSC Pitch last year:..i lost..ewheheheh:

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Surfin November

its November fast time flies..
and still i'm behind schedule on my MSC comic

now that semester break is over..i'm busy on academic side again..less time to draw..
why silver surfer?..last 2 fellow budding comic artist got interview by newsarama on his latest comic project which is: Silver Surfer..artwrk by tan Eng Huat..

like his new style...
already place an order.. then wanna see him to get his autograph...

inspired by his wash ink werk..try to draw my surfer version..
awww..look weird...ehehehe..Tan's version better... tons of pict me on pekomik stuff..comicworld n 24hr comic day..
still cant find the time to squeeze it here..

why my post kinda long...
..tired already having 2 days of full day class..

gonna read comic to relax...

btw..which version of scanning is version..b& w or grey scale..hmmm

Thursday, November 01, 2007

MY email being HACKed


i really am piss off..... coz i lost a lot of my friends & associates contact/mail...

out of the friend said he received my yahoo mesengger with weird link and messages......

he said my yahoo account might be virus... i was surprised..coz my yahoo email and messenger seems to be ok...

...later that my house...try to log in my email...ym...and seems that my account is invalid...

sooo have to create a new account..

for those who wanna contact me via email...this is my new email;

ym: azharuc