Thursday, August 07, 2014

Amoras Inking trial

Hidup semakin busy..

finally completed 101 pages Invasi graphic Novel..
Balloon layout arrangemnt mode
last June busy month:..busy weeknd
Comic Art Festival KL... Hari KaryaOne..Wacana Seni Animasi with Muid Latif & Yazid..
Comic Conference at Cyberology Art Comic Animation at University malaysia Kelantan.. bachok Campus..
present paper Silat in Graphic Novel... then 2 weeks Short course on Screen Writing and Journalism @ University Salford cup...Ramadhan...raya.. dapat trial utk Inking test for Belgium Cartoonist 'Charel Chambre' for his comic 'Amoras'.. (go google look for this comic)..nah link:
did 2 antara 6 inker yg dia cuba test..done it within a week..A3 size artwrk..
tunggu dapat reply ' have to wait for other inkers to submit'...cheh...inker lain dapat sebulan nak buat 1-2pg inking..finally,,sebulan dapat reply.."sorry you didnt get the job'..
so ni lah sample inking nya...

kena cuba lagi next time..
di mulai dgn rough pencil layout by Mr Charel Cambre