Monday, August 08, 2016

Wolverine sketch and Zoy Passsing

so busy..
now do a lotta documentation..getting i draw Wolvie here

and last of my idol ..Guru..master in comic art has passed away.. Zoy..well known for his #Silat #Pendekar comic..

Al - Fatihah buat arwah..
will always refer to his work for guidance. He will be missed.
now back to work..
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

inking Demo at GeekCON and guest at One of The Guys Podcast

wanna listen me talking about my love for comics..that get me into drawing eventually doing comics..

listen here: OneOfTheGuysPodcast #OTGPodcast

and i will be on Sunday doing Inking Demo at Sketches Online Booth.. also promoting my #Invasi comics..
.. well ..i am lucky to be with the greatest: Alan Quah, Oren and local comic artist/cartoonist tu.. kira saya ni paling amatur antara mereka..

juga..jangan lupa dapatkan komik antara komik pendek di dalamnya dapatkannya di GeekCon sabtu dan Ahad ini 19-20 March di KDU glenmarie, Shah Alam:

ini special page preview..want more..beli la Komik Kapalooza

lagi special preview..

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hey..i have INSTA account and some sketch to share

they say..people dont blog anymore..

i kinda myself dah tak update close to a year..


ok i gonna share my Instagram page link.. where i update some WIP artwork..illustration..sketches..etc...

so other than being a teacher, supervisor, consultant and some academic paperwork..

me a comic artist writer illustrator..storyboard artist..concept artist..

here some of em..

some #Inktober 2015

and some concept..shoot board

till next post..

entah bila..hope can do it once a month at least..