Monday, May 28, 2007

I should be doin my work

a morning 30 min right i should b doin my works..
have to finish the msc comic pitch...pekomik things.. ofice wrk etc
and..people start callin for the money you owe them ( these are the results of doin self publish comic..and along the way got cheated)...
now i'm owing printers and telcos( Con by my own partner)..
played by hedge ledger..
make comic/movie goers shiver for
next year Batman: The dark Knight

trailer is comin this december

Thursday, May 17, 2007

MaY sketch

some sketches i did ..some creature/monster design
the middle is sketch during meeting..


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unfinished work

Another try on digital painting..
gonna make my pal here
into becoming a
Wonder Woman!
dunno when i'm goin to finish it.
some charcter design...

my foray into photgraphy..not much thou..

here the best part during sci fi, fantsay comic day..
the chicks there just go wild on me..

these guys need attention....they are jealous of me..

Monday, May 07, 2007

My Spiderman 3 review

hi guys..

my comment on my beloved character & the best comic movie genre trilogy

kinda let dwn when i first watch it coz my expectation was big...
luv the drama and the action sequence..the first brawl was superb ( harry vs peter)..torn frienship brawl..

yup my dissapointmnt was...there are so many things to show..but not enough plot/chctr develpmnt to bloom... to lil venom appearnce..venom shld be in the 4th movie..let our Flint marko shine..

when i watch it for second time..
i can breath & grasp it easily ( ye lah,,dah tgk fr the first time)
but this second anlysis..i enjoy with..pure drama & mind blowing action sequence... the first 2 hours..are well sequence & plot ( eventhou some loose scene can develope more)

it just that the final 20mins..too fast...the final brawl/climax wasn't there... i prefer harry being the bad expectation was 3 vs 1. ( my sketch vision u guys cansee below at my blog)
the resolution of the movie(ending)...
should re-arrange it nicely..some loose plot can be sum up nicely if Raimi extend the movie for 3 hrs..

yes venom should be keep for next movie ( btw why eddie brock jr?)..
i bet the father...eddie brock will seek wth black symbiote..
& the true venom will emerge for revenge like in the comic..

i can say its a drama about peter harry relatioship...this 3 movie is about them.
i still enjoy it like i enjoy 300...i still prefer spidey 2..coz it got all the recipe ..most importantly..chrcther developmnt..

my rating :B+