Friday, June 30, 2006

pencil sketch

i was thinkin of a new superhero..... actually it is 2 different comic..when i put it together...the Duo kinda works..i dunno...a fat superBouncin Hero...and a macho vigilante... another pencil sketch from my upcomin graphic novel...more preview to come!
this sketch was made back in March...Port Dickson...sajer tukar selera..a practice on waterfornt scape

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ben Grimm

When i browsed one of my friends thread at saw his step by step tutorial in Digital/texture drawing using photoshop, so apelagi...luckly my new CPU dah ada adobe fotoshop..

with my mouse...i skip my office hour and half later with trial n error..this is the result?:

1. the fist here i'm using texture in multply layer mode

2. without texture

3. with texture n layer overlay..

thank You Rosh for the tips

Sunday, June 25, 2006

drawin N worldcup

This picture taken durin Spain vs Saudi...i watched it@ my kitchen coz...the tv with astro..which have main match( france vs Togo nKoreavsSwiss)....was being controlled by the majority..

even with world cup fever/craze is all around.. imanage to sketch some of the pages of my comic..taken picture is faster than scanning since i dont have a scanner

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How to Draw a Female Character

How to Draw a Female Character..

to tell you the truth...this is my weakness subject..for me..i cant draw beautiful ( forget about sexy) woman.. that is is rare..for u ( if u guys notice) to see female characters here in my blog or in my comics ( previous)..these sketches...are my practice on the female hard curvy figures..coz in my upcoming graphic a female character..

so nak tak nak kena buatlah..duhhh..hate drawing ladies...duhhhhh

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Friday 16,20060 WrecKship Enterprise, Captain's Log:

After a gruesome exhausted week...i finally can breath..just finish student presentation & marking, ... preparing an animation pitch. so these are what i've been up to for a couple of days ago...

now i can sleep well...nope...still can't get enough sleep...coz there's world cup man...and i dont wanna miss this BIG Sports Event, only once in 4 way i'm gonna miss it!...

my bet on the final either Germany vs Brazil..or Argentina vs Brazil. my money on Brazil...cheers! peace to the world.

SO here are the works i did for the Animation Pitch, Pray for win this Grand


Saturday, June 10, 2006

sample pg

While i'm rushing @ work...and rushing for my final proposal...i did scan one pg for my upcoming graphic novel...its only pg 25....darn..still on pencilling sketch..still a long way to gooo..

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Me & My Students

This week..week 16 in my academic calender is the peek..into the climax of the semester... student presentation, marking, moderation there's not much time for me to concentrate on other projects (actually i did some sketches..drawings for some proposal n graphic novel) it's just that i didn't have time to go to computer lab to scan my works...maybe later this evening,,i try to scan some stuffss the picture here..take a guest?..which one is me?...hehehehhe

Friday, June 02, 2006

charctr Design3

another character design from my sketchbook...a group of thieves..well..i think i wanna call it The WOLF PACK..

is it ok..i thought that the name sounds familiar..
anyone has heard the name before?

PMT character sheet

actually..these sketches of the Pendeka Melayu Terakhir was done last year...

these are some of the initial design of the main character..and the supporting character(will come later in the series)..
got some sample pages of the comic...but..i'll put it later..

Wolverine VS Spiderman

Who will win...? money on Spiderman...last week i watched X3..what a conclusion for a trilogy..pitty Wolvie here overdshadow the other mutants / character...well..what can u expect from a movie with a bunch of characters?..
anyway, i was entertain...just cant wait to see Spidey back in Action...and it sure will kick the X3 trilogy..