Thursday, December 14, 2006

MoreOF PekomIK

more pic from the meeting.
-dr kiri rizal, Mansur Ibrahim, Emio Depan:Yamin daud,krom, anak yamin, Nurman

yg upside dwn frm depan:lefty, alan, yamin,mansur

dr kiri: Nuri, tangh,adzkael,ubder

< the mainman:mr cedric

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

PeKOMIK unofficial meeting

What A response!!
more than 45 people came for the meeting (not including for those who didn't sign the attendance sheet)..

a meeting is held to set up a body/association of Malaysian Komiks Association..or known as "Persatuan KOmik Malaysia" aka PeKOMIK.. to promote and push Malaysian Komik Scene to boldly go where no other Malaysian comic has gone before...

the meeting took place for about 3 hrs..n a half...not includng 1 hr delay ( i hope the meeting is worth waiting)...

so we..finally up to conlusion on the PeKOMIK organisation chart...and here are pict of particapants of the meeting:
(pic taken 3hr later during the meeting..)

behind frm left:Gemuruh, Alif of, d great Kromosom, jonos of Ameen pblshng. front: Rizal (Kosmo), Wong (cedko)
behind frm left:Emio, mimi(comicfiesta) front: Kinsun (Batman penciller), Jerry (Kinsun asst.)
behind frm left:Faisal (Icesoul), E Yu, Bokson (Egel) front: Oly

frm left:Daqlan, nurie, Tangh

Malaysian komiks in the 80s

back then in the late 70's n 80's...

there is one publisher called Mediaseni..who published..about 100 titles and more within 10 years or so...not considering the pirate version of the comic..


what i have here is the small version..which the pirated version of the comic.. called
SkullCastle of Djinn (Troll)

wish Malaysia have this type of publisher today..who at least publish 10 titles per month...

Monday, December 11, 2006

my comic pitch

last week bz ngan werk office,..some overdue documentation, preparation for Malaysian Komik Association.. ngan work for MSC comic pitch.. pastu 3 days at Kuala Nerang, Kedah

in a way preparation for comic pitch...sempat 1 week jer..
(in 3 days sleep for 3-4hrs only...tak larat dahhh)

dunno if i can win the grand or not...a rush work...
>sample of my pitch..