Monday, June 26, 2006

Ben Grimm

When i browsed one of my friends thread at saw his step by step tutorial in Digital/texture drawing using photoshop, so apelagi...luckly my new CPU dah ada adobe fotoshop..

with my mouse...i skip my office hour and half later with trial n error..this is the result?:

1. the fist here i'm using texture in multply layer mode

2. without texture

3. with texture n layer overlay..

thank You Rosh for the tips


Norman said...

Cuba teknik disini, aku rasa lebih power Ben Grim kau nanti:

kromosom said...

kontras tak cukup bang

azhar said...

tu la..kena byk belaja..

tq..lazyman for d link

amykamen555 said...

pebble tu ok.. cuma mcm krom ckp tak cukup contrast.. kalau ni first time, kira hebat tu..

azhar said...

aahhh..first time buat fully digital pakai,,mouse..curi time kat opis