Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fractured Leg Diary partII

so this is what happened to my Leg.

The Doctor can't believe i have two fractured crack from to different direction,,.. kinda impossible.. a unique case... he said my leg has cracked before..just wait for the time to break..

he said " have you crack..fell...your leg..involve in any accident before?"

i said" for 20 years i play football..did fall..sprain my leg..knee..ankle..involve in minor accident but never feel this painfull like tday"

anyway the X Ray here shows the crack..i hope u can see the lines..the force came from 2 different angle.

got another week for nxt appointmnt with d doctor


Senang Kacang Studios said...

wah.. bloma baik lagi ke kaki ko

azhar said...

belom lagi lah bang..sorii..tak hantar werk utk xlimits...balik kampung..takpa ..saya try hantar utk nxt issue..