Monday, October 02, 2006

PMT prebiu

this is another preview form the pages of
Pendekar melayu terakhir..
i hope it's your cup of tea,,,hope everybody will like it

..will post more..

sabar... still trying to figure out the fastest way to ink the book..


amykamen555 said...

wah! terkenang seketika zaman2 membaca Paskal Garuda... ntah jadi nth tak si Zarul kata nak sambung Paskal Garuda tu... masing2 pun tngh bz.. huhuhuhu

azhar said... the time will happened.

be patience...

Norman said...

Wah, that single page has way better drawing than I can do in a hundred.

Anyway I'm starting on Satria Alam issue#2. I posted page 1 on my blog and I could use some pointers.

azhar said...


itu main belasah ajer norman..trying to catch up wth deadline!..

wahh..already started wth ish#2... my self still got 20pgs to ink...
will drop by at ur blog..
no worries bro!