Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Transformers CoNvention....

i was awe when watching the cartoons back in the 80s
after 20 years .. i can see the TF con,, ( Malaysia version la)
(not big as TF con in US or Japan..
but that'll do..)
and see some of the TF toys n merchandise.. to share wth all of u

only can afford a few..got myself first TF toy was grimlock 'BinalTech' version
which transformed into Ford mustang (originally A T rex)..

then early this year got myself a new G version of Optimus Prime..then Grimlock
yup.. you can see the original Grimlock n the rest of Dinobots above (original release)

here's the Movie version of TF toys
(only got myself Leader Optimus & 2 Versiion of BumbleeBee)
TF comic
My fav villian: Starscream
another fav chrctr of mine: JAZZ
Bumbleebee ori version
The decepticons
Sibuk je Starwars nih!

Fan fav..Optimus Prime ( i hav that one on the left)
Still the original design of Megatron is the best

Binaltech series
Me wth Zarul..the 7' Great Leader
i hope u guys enjoy my childhood craze..


Kalamtimur said...

makes my nose running and bleeds
wish to buy those toys but "malu"lah, gettin' ol' aready huhuhu

azhar said...


no need to be shy chegu..

beli jer...its a collection...
bukan nak main sgt pon...


saya rasa saya sampai ke tua a comic & toy fan..


tarakuch said...

huiyo..encik azhar sejak berambut pendek ni segak mcm bumblebee gayanya! ngakaka..! ada jugak kau bergambo dgn prime eh..cayalahh..beli bumblebee sampai dua tuu...

azhar said...

msm bumblee be..hehehe..kena carik baju kuning la camnih...

as a fan..a pic wth Optimus Prime..
is a must!