Friday, April 25, 2008

Ironman craze

did a couple of sketches on Iron man..back then..
and the latest is the ironman vs ironhide..

not a big fan of ironman..

but when the news came out on Ironman movie..i was hooked!
didn't collect any comics on iron man..
a few avengers..bullet points..

but..Ironman:enter the mandarin really get my attention..thanks to eric canete marvelous art!

well ..till the movie come out.

"Yeah.. i can Fly.."


Don said...

Nice one! You inking these with a brush?

azhar said...

Yes master Don..using a normal..out of shape size 1 nylon brush..wth caligraphy chinese ink...

still need to practice inking using brush with more tenderness..

kerandutdlmalmari said...

blh buat reference ni..

Norman said...

Ironman is better than Batman. True or False?

Shawn Crystal said...

Nice sketches!

Anonymous said...

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