Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sketchbook update

always have sketch book around..
sketch will meeting..waiting etc..try to make it as a habit to keep the drawing grove moving..
i think i got 3 sketchbooks need to be scan..

back then always sketch on a piece of paper..then it was all over the place,,,in studio..on shelves..pile of office was everywhere..

now..i need a sketchbook..a thick with a good thick cover..
think I've started collecting my own sketch book...
conteng masa balik kampung..

Spiderman & Batman..glue me reading comics from 9 years old till today.

my frustration..can't paint like Alex Ross..

Another jam sketch for drawlah blog

till next post..maybe a bit progress on my latest comic..(delay..)


free mkv player said...

I really like the one with Batman chasing Spiderman. Bet Bruce will catch Piter Parker! :D

photo editor said...

Very lovely art! Once you have a decent collection, you should publish it - going to be a success!