Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Amazing Spider-man sketch

The Amazing Spider-man new movie is coming out,,,for July sketch blog update...and for my draw Comics session at Comic Shop Earth 638, Kelana Mall, Kelana Jaya...tutorial notes..
so here's my doodle

so..some gesture of our friendly neighborhood spider-man..
yup one of my favourite comic book first introduction to spiderman..and unconsciously influence me..when  i was a kid doodling the series that has John Romita run,, cant remember which the run that has Spidey vs Kingpin and Rhino..


Anonymous said...

Hi! You do comic drawing sessions for kids at Earth 638? I saw a friend saying that her kids attended some classes there. How can I get more information, please?

fulltime mom

azhar said...


if you are interested for comic drawing session for kids at Earth 638 you can call Mr Ka Wyn at this no:012 6631584

Anonymous said...