Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Malaysian komiks in the 80s

back then in the late 70's n 80's...

there is one publisher called Mediaseni..who published..about 100 titles and more within 10 years or so...not considering the pirate version of the comic..


what i have here is the small version..which the pirated version of the comic.. called
SkullCastle of Djinn (Troll)

wish Malaysia have this type of publisher today..who at least publish 10 titles per month...


Anonymous said...

These need reprinting, stat! Collected editions would definitely get some attention in today's comic shops like Kino or MPH. Dammit, SOMEBODY must still have the originals... pulp rocks!

Hell, if Liefeld suckered me into buying Youngblood #1 (oh, the shame!)then some actual quality stuff like this can sell even better!

azhar said...

nak reprinting kena tanya tuan/hajk milik/publish...Yamin Daud..


aim ahmad said...

mak aih! gile old school! I like it!

Anonymous said...

They can try and reprint here (You probably heard already):


I'm planning to publish a novel here, I don't exactly know when. But it looks legit so far.

azhar said...

what?..komik lelama nih ada reprint?..


Lulu?...gonna cek it out..

bukan ke lulu ni cam servis utk self publish???