Wednesday, February 14, 2007

anther digital class

i know..i'm still weak at digital painting..
just post for feedback..

this artwtk (horrible) was done during my class...just showing to them what they can do..
in photoshop..

i didnt spent a lot of time drawng digital...paintng..
have to squeeze some time for it..

ok..gonna take a break...wanna watch HEROES#15..
before back @ doin' comic...


Don said...

Something you can try is to fill the background with a base color or a gradient fill. That way you're not staring at a blank, white screen and you also have the midtone or overall lighting of the piece set out for you. Then paint in the lighter tones and the darker tones.

azhar said...

thanks Don...

it was a good advice..

will do that..

Norman said...

You can take a look at how this guy does it:

( and go to the 'How' section. It's awesome though to get to see his work regularly you probably need to subscribe to ImageFX. That option is probably as expensive as buying a decent mac.

-zaza:o:binxz- said...

azhar ur daughter birthed 6 days before my 2nd one... hehe

Amel Hanan said...

Wow, cool work dude! I've always dreamt of becoming a comic artist myself, but I end up taking law instead. Sad, eh? Well, at least I still have connection with something that is black & white... I've thrown away all my sketches in the past but I still love looking at other people's artwork as a past time. I think I'll drop by your blog more often. Your artwork rocks!

azhar said...

welcome zaza & Amel to my blog.

i hope you guys like my blog & my artwrk..

so zaza...good t know our children of the same age.

as for Amel...eventhou you are a lawyer..doesn't mean you still can't draw or sketch..
as for my work still consider a lot more to learn..really glad you like my style