Friday, March 23, 2007

Behind The Scene

behind the scene of my overdue (almost a year in a half in the making) comic..
supposed to be a 120pg graphic novel..
the publisher wanna make it 36pg comic format..
target to be released by April:..
suddenly the publisher postphone the publishing date to another month...
in a away..i'm now on typing the script stage...
when the publisher dunno when to publish it..
soo..i abandon this project..better i focus my MSC comic (behind schedule too) rather concentrating my work to something which is not clear..
in a away... i hope you can enjoy my working process:

my work station

too lazy to rub i used blue pencil to adjust the dwg..

hope u guys can comment on my work here..
till next week..i'm off to PD
(there goes my precious time of my work..hehehe)


Norman said...

Postponed? How long and why? Does it mean other titles are effected?

azhar said...

yep...dunno bila lak depa nak release,,'

now i got anther 20 pgs to ink..since its going to publish back in 120pg graphic novel format

Norman said...

Which means this is PROBABLY yet another gajah putih project and I just fucked up 6+ months of my life.

Sometimes I wonder why I haven't started drinking.

azhar said...

jangan drinking abg Nurman..