Thursday, March 15, 2007

my inking technique

this post was submitted last wednesday...but my comp at my house is using the dial up
slow la nak upload kat rumah

later i can only upload when i'm back @ the office.

anyway..i was on MC for the whole week because of eye infection.

while on MC..i manage to squeeze my time for inking ( after the 3rd day lah)

as for the fan Art.. i think i alreadypost it somewhere in this blog before...
sajer nak share with all of ya..
since F4 gonna come out so i post the fan art la..hehehe ( still 300 was the best opening for comic book movie blockbuster this year..Ghost Rider kinda s0-so..could be better)
another movie/animation character i cant wait to watch!

using white out for white stuff lah..still prefer liquid paper pen type

i start of with outline & most of the black area

some detail/small line using 0.3/0.8 pen

using thicker pen for touch up of black area
well it's complete..sort off..ok kaa??

nor for the bonus stuff:

upcoming Malay version of "Dark Knight REturns (to bed)"


amykamen555 said...

rasa mcm nk lompat je masuk dlm pool tu.. hehehehehe.. chun inking ko!

azhar said...

jemputlah mandi..

glad u like the inking..

letih oo nak inkng nih

Farhana :3 said...

I echo Amy, superb inking ;) Your little baby is growing cuter by the day too! Kyuuuut!

azhar said...

tq fArhana

glad t knw u like my work.

as for the baby...she is cute just like her dad...heheh