Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My desk...
what a week for me...
my cousin pass away..so i rush back to my kampung, Pekan Pahang..then visit my sister @ paka,Tgganu..
later come back got flu..fever..cold..food poisining..cough..list goes on..

for 2 weeks i didn't do work mush since deadline is chasing me..
anyway smthng to share:
back at office..busy teacing 10-5..
then doing concept art/storyboard..etc
my compny trying to pitch in 2D animation (pilot)...things goes well..luckly there's no deadline..so

whooohhh..no rush hour @ the office

well.. some clip of my storyboard..sort of..heheh lazy work of mine
cemetary from my home town where my cousin pass away
because of heart attack /chain smoker..(so stop smokin now guys!)
Alfatihah & prayer to him.
ahhh..my kampung... escaped frm my busy life in big city..
Bone by Jeff Smith. A Brilliant comic book to read. Such joy and entertainment...still haven't finish reading it...one hack of TPB..complete volume....love it.. A MUST BUY!
nothing new..another sketches/ink work from my dunno when to publish graphic novel.
now this project i put on hold..must concentrate on my MSC comic..
( will show more preview of my graphic novel...no worries)

"don't ever mess up with me!"


Norman said...

To clarify, the 'put on hold' thing was based on one of your post about it. Then our own attempts at getting info from the ptsm itself. Add to the fact the ptsm and komik malaysia haven't been online for a looong time doesn't bode well either.

I even went to their parent site, pts. The only mention of comics on sale at pesta buku are books by imuda and tembakau. Too bad, I was about to go full-steam on the next issue until this and they would've gotten a new book in just three weeks. Let's wait and see.

Norman said...

Oh, by the way, excellent choice in your purchase of that tpb Bone!

azhar said...

if ptsm is not serious about it..

might as well i go for anther publish who appreciate and serious about it..

nuff said..

btw Norman u should buy bone. Highly recomended.

Unknown said...

al-fatihah..utk yr cousin..

pasal komik malaysia tu.. korang yg dah start tu.. err.. too bad kalu x teruskan.. pts must do something aa. aku ingat lepas fiesta d albuque ni kot..

for me..? err aku mmg x start pe lagi..hua hua hau hau

azhar said...

i will proceed wth this comic...

cuma i need a seriuos publish who really wanna push local comic scene.

itu ajaaa..

Hana Haruka said...

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin too. Anyway, I wish you all the best for your comic projects. Keep up the good work!