Thursday, April 26, 2007

Clip frm Spider-man 3

Spider-man 3
the most anticipated movie of the year. for months i keep my eyes & ears closed.
don't wanna know anything or see anythng about this movie...i wanna keep it as a surprise..
my expectation are BIG for this sequel..


when i went to a toy shop..accidently.. there's a figure of venom!..
then i saw a clip of venom in a comic mag!
DARN!...anyway..i still mum about the whole storyline.
ban myself from watching the trailers..

i hope what i sketch here..
similar to what Sam Raimi has envision for this movie..

really wanna see a big fight and Peter here outnumbered.

gonna miss the premiere..coz ..balik kampung (back to my hometwn)...


Zid said...

There are things I like and things I don't in the movie. But I'd rather keep it to myself.

Anyway, neat pencils. A slight departure from the usual local subject you draw.

Kantoi! Pose Spider-Man kat artwork ke dua tu... hehehehe

Anyway keep on drawing and work like a bee. We all want to improve :)

Norman said...

Moaarr illustrations!

No spider-premier for me either, I'm a bit busy at the moment. I finally got to watch Mirrormask on HBO though, so it's all good.

azhar said...

still a good entertaining movie..even thou not not as great as the second mov.

pose spidey tu u r right influence by Madureira dwgs...heheheh..jgn marah abg Zid..

wahhh abg nurman bz buat apa? comic project?..

you've seen mirrormask?...tak aciii



a fan of gaiman/mckean/Jim henson myself

Anonymous said...

Good words.

azhar said...

wahhh...sanggup cik xan korek thread lama saya..

good words?...

what does it mean?