Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unfinished work

Another try on digital painting..
gonna make my pal here
into becoming a
Wonder Woman!
dunno when i'm goin to finish it.
some charcter design...

my foray into photgraphy..not much thou..

here the best part during sci fi, fantsay comic day..
the chicks there just go wild on me..

these guys need attention....they are jealous of me..


Farhana :3 said...

I think you should post more of your photography stuff. You do have the eye for it ;)

azhar said...

thanks for the support..Farhana

will do..

will post more..

glad got someone interested in my photograph

tkkerouac said...

yes love your photography
Is that me at the top, its coming along nicely , you have some of the bone structure,
soften me up wherever you can
don't want ot look old, giggle

St3! said...

Hi Man!

Thnxs for the visit!

I'll upload some new stuff as my pc is ok again....

as regard your art, i think you'd study a lil' more, but you've a really good sense of composition!

Cya soon!

azhar said...

thanks for stopping by.

will improve my drawing skill..

if u know any digital painting tutorial online..can you gimme the link ok?

realy need ur guidance on dwg comics