Thursday, May 17, 2007

MaY sketch

some sketches i did ..some creature/monster design
the middle is sketch during meeting..



Farhana :3 said...

There's something about your sketches that makes it feel "free" and in that made it have lots of dynamic lines that could have been overlooked when doing the final drawing and inking. It's not a bad thing, though, because that happens a lot and I'm the type who enjoys sketches as much as the final product.

Hey, good news: MDec is sponsoring the publication for Malaysian 24 hours comic challenge compilation, yatta! Can't wait to read the rest of the guys and gal shtuff that I might have missed! :3

azhar said...


oesonally my self.

i do prefer the sketches than the final endproduct..coz

it's look fresh.pure...raw & innocent..

yeah can't wait to see it publish..
btw,,,i'm in for 24hrs comic 07 showdown..

let's make it happening again coz this time around they gonna make it 100 participants

Norman said...

The kebaya girl looks good even in rough sketch, and you keep saying you have trouble drawing the female form!

Want to try and draw Gergasia? I'll draw one of your characters (your pick) to reciprocate in my blog. If want to give it a go, email me. Anyone here can join in too.

3kheng said...

Always love rough sketch, can feel more dynamic from the stroke :)

azhar said...

u can have a go with it Nurman

yeah..true Kheang..more dynamic