Tuesday, September 13, 2011

lagi review Pendekar Melayu Terakhir

 salam idulfitri semua...
saya ingin mencucapkan ribuan terima kaseh ke atas Taqisatay di tumbler beliau Onnaku
atas reviewnya terhadap komik saya Pendekar Melayu Terakhir. 
Seronok saya mendengar anda terhibur akan karya saya, membuat saya lebih bersemangat untuk bekarya komik lagi.
petikan/ulusan berikut di petik dari Tumblr Taqisatay: Onnaku
Pendekar Melayu Terakhir

Title:Pendekar Melayu Terakhir
Cartoonist:Azhar Abdullah
Publisher:PTSone Komik-M
Language:Bahasa Melayu
Volumes:Complete,I guess
Yeah,I read it today.Even though I was not attracted by the inside illustration,I forced myself to read it.I realised that this comic is really
The story is set in Malaya during the Japanese Invasion,portraying about how the Malays suffered and how this one man fights off the barbarian Japanese soldier.
Some beautifully-sadistic scenes:

Fried to the crisp,but still have an inch of life

Dodges and BLAM! The bullet goes straight through the soldier’s forehead
I really like this comic and wouldn’t mind buying it the next time I see it in Malaysia’s Popular Bookstore.Azhar Abdullah’s art is really smooth and his blackness inking is absurdly good.I’m beginning to wonder if he was involved in MOY publishings but that’s not important.I like his fighting drawings and the slight grore in this comic,it makes me want to read Hunter x Hunter again.Haha…
Really good complete series,nice development of the main character.The artist’s reason of writing this comic is also clear.Emotions are drawn well and presented beautifully,even if one does not know much about the character,one can easily feel the sadness the character is welling up.If you can read and understand Malay,then I recommend you to buy this as a souvenir from Malaysia :P

ini ada beberapa sketches untuk tatapan semua..
a character design study
a pencil work of twisted amalgam Joker+Gambit
another unfinished digital painting practice
WIP Mario & Liguini...
 that's all folk..
masih mencari masa nak scan  beberapa sketchbook....
namaje azharsketch...tapi tak update sketches dalam ni....ehehhee


myownmind said...

Mario Bros besh..

pempuan sketch beshh!!

azhar said...

ko semua besh..ahahha

thanks bang sudi singgah

audio editor said...

the third one is interesting... and kind of creepy. So is the fourth one, the one with the blond in rage.
Quite unusual, it really does make it one of a kind

azhar said...

thanks..glad you dig it Mr audio editor.