Tuesday, May 16, 2006


well...just finished staff training..again..about teaching n lecture...
in my opnion every lecturer has its own way to deliver the knowledge.. anyway... just itchy to draw..so i scribble around..WALLAH...a character was born

i know the first picture, the leg is kinda short..still scribble for the look i wanted for the protagonist/ the hero of the story..that just pop into my head


Aadi Salman said...

Aku suka sketch kau yg megat01.jpg tu, mmg nampak "kena" utk watak utama animasi. BTW ejaan "Megat" dlm jawi tu mcm tak betul je... :D

azhar said...

yer ke?..

nanti aku cek balik..main belasahjer
TQ for reminding me