Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February showcase

either make it clean of with shadow?...or
kena buat balik..
ahhh...my lovely princess,,,now 1 month old..
she will grow up n become a supergirl..


Mohd. Fahmy b. Mohd Hashim said...

gila hebat.. laju je komik ko ek.. cover tu ko nk nk letak portrait seketul je ke? aku suka inking gelap ala2 risso yg ko buat selama nie.. nk lagi best suruh la aku lukis cover.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... belh gak aku praktikkan cover ala2 oldskool style James Jean.. hehehehe.

Jgn anak ko nk jadi supergirl dia terjun dr bumbung rumah sudah.. unless dia ada power healing factor.. hehehhe

Sheldon Goh said...

Love the first one! Is that second one The Goon? Or is that one of your characters?

For the cover, it depends. What's your cover dress (logo, etc) like? Is there going to be a background or not? Is the cover in color or not? Right now, I'm partial to the shadowed one. Though the background should also have some corresponding shadows maybe.

Supergirl's growing up fast! :)

Sheldon Goh said...

Whoops, what am I saying? I just had a closer look and that second one's a Red Army soldier from the looks of it (?)... heh, at a glance, I thought it was The Goon. Sorry ah.

azhar said...

mana ada laju..

it just that the schedule is sooo tight..

kalu ada masa free...terus dok depan meja buat komik..

letih gak..

what to do..

for the sake of malaysian komik.

as for the cover..looking forwrd to it bro

azhar said...

oh..don..thanks in a million for ur inspiring support..

yep the japs liutnt is inspired by Goon,,himself...love the charcter n comic..eric powell rules!

Norman said...

Aku sekarang lagi slow untuk isu 5, semangat juang kempis sikit sekarang. Publishing schedule tak tahu bila, final publishig format pun belum dapat tahu...pfhhhhhhht....

Norman said...
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Panaharjuna said...

Aku suka inking muka yang separuh gelap tu. Ada karakter. Nampak garang dan misteri.

azhar said...

kalu abg panah arjuna suka..

saya lagi sukaaaa