Thursday, April 05, 2007

Malaysia Comic artist (PeKOMIK)

its been a year since i blog..

yeaaahh..hepi beday to my blog YEHAAAA..
anyway i wanna share with you guys some talented comic artist/cartoonist or we call it PeKOMIK in's just sad with soo much talent..there are not many
Big comic publisher that can
push Malaysian comic scene..

how sad..

in no particular order or preference some photos that i have in my digicam

Mr Alan Quah..been around in comic scene & advertising fr almost 15 years..correct me if i'm wrong
i think you can visit him @
errrr...not sure fr the correct add.. (Pic taken last year during 24hr comic day)

Our funny pekomik..Mr Alif...go check his funny work at (Pic taken last year during 24hr comic day)
Benjamin of newsarama..our local guy who do international comic review. (Pic taken last year during 24hr comic day)
The ever smiling Gilamon..sure la..they won 15K frm MSC comic pitch. frm left: Slaium, Lefty, Micheal C2V (Pic taken last year during Dec06, 24hr comic day)
Ahhh..the beauty of pekomik ladies..frm left: Farhana, Sarah Joan, forgot her name..sue..suzy..from Mars & Uranus animator for Saladin animated series, Aimo..also wth saladin Project, Hayati (Xanseveira) wth Sarah(Pic taken last year during Dec06, 24hr comic day)

since i dont have much time to doodle back at home...i just install my wacom tablet at the office..
some WonderWoman from my digital doodle...still a lot to learn & practice from me..

my old sequential from Urban Comics days back in 2002..
dont forget t visit:, lefty & Roy during cartoon conference April 2006
ubdertaker frm umbracomic, vrempire (, tarakucha & Gecko (both of them are workin hard on new comics from KLP production, tarakucha, Sireh ( one of the reason i buy APo comic mag)
a short reunion of UC team: fy (, Yus (, Milx (
i'm absorbing their aura and talent
: left: Kinsun (batman fame) &Tan Eng huat (Doom patrol & batman maxi series)
Breakfast with malaysia most love international cartoonist lat aka Dato' mohd Nor Khalid.
what with the shades? eye infection-lah

these people are the reasons i collect Gempak ,,
left: me, slaium ( luv his mignolaish inking), kenny ( his simple vibrant style)

My eye infection-lah. started from my right..2 days later..booth of my eye are in constant pain & fatigue
Pekomik comitee meetng. my left: writer panaharjuna. right: the great kerengge..from Gila-Gila..(hoping there is new comic work frm him)
Back in the 80's there was a publisher called media seni who published 20 one shot comics monthly..eventhou they a lil bit influenced by conan and US comic.
2 of them are: left; Rosli Hamed, Khuzae..
and cedric (who brng 24hr comic day to Malaysia) and anther MSC comic pitch winner mr Salim

i think..this is the longest post ever for me

till then..keep on bloggin!!!


Norman said...

Not many publishers? It feels more like the ones that do make comics (or attempt to) have no idea how to actually compete with imports. All of which kick our local industry in the ass with sheer volume. We have a HUGE talent pool with lots of money-making potential and no strong direction. Sad indeed.

azhar said...

correct indeeedddddd

sad thing is most of the investors are afraid to venture into Comic publishng business..coz its a big risk..pain stackng & it take 2 years to see your revenue..




Hana Haruka said...

I love long your long posts, best best! Happy birthday to Azharsketch! May all your wishes come true someday. I'm amazed by the classic comic drawing from 2002 you have there, I've always enjoyed your inkings. I've linked you too btw! Thanks Azhar-sensei! ^_^

Unknown said...


aku nyanyi HPBD sambil taip komen dah le ya? hehe

risik punye risik baru aku ingat bra Rosli Hamid tu bikin ilastrasi depan utk bra Yamin punye mag tu kan..

hr tu x smpat nak borak dgn dia..

Norman said...

You going to Pesta Buku at pwtc? I haven't decided yet.

azhar said...

yea yea...ada gak org nak nyanyi hepi beday..heheh..thanks oraet..

thanks again fr link me..n suka the long post..n suka my iinking style..

tang nak g pwtc...i'm not sure when is the date..i'll call u to confrim when i'm goin..k?

Qim Karna said...

As'kum Azhar...
pa kabar?
i just found out that, our generation of comics artist (or cartoonist)- i'm talking specifically to malaysian artist, is almost invisible from the international recognition. I mean they (the comics scholars) know only Lat and Gila-gila (and anything fall into their generation) as malaysian comcis.
So, when i said i would like to study about the cultural expression of this type of young generation of comics artist, the scholars have no idea about what is malaysian comcis.
I assume that malaysican next generation comics characters are a local appropriation of global form of comics. Which i planned to do the research from 8 local comics magazines. Researcg into their content, context, and the indenity issues.
so, i think it is important to rise the issue about what is the objective of this new generations of malaysian comics artists? does it included in pekomik mission and vision?
i'll be back in july. and please give me some time to discuss. i need to take u as one of my respondent. hehehe...

kayhil said...

let say i make a comic/manga. which company (in malaysia)can pulished it?or maybe there is not company in malaysia?

azhar said...

dear kayhil,
there are the list og publishers that u can try to submit your comic:

-PTS Millenia (Komik-M)
- Komikoo
- Gempak, Utopia (Art Square)
- g3 (Karangkraf)
- Ujang, Apo ( MOY Publication)
- Gila-Gila ( Creative Ent)

Unknown said...

waa..gud Idea...hmmm...or maybe make one magazine special for a new comic artist malaysia (artis baru)...and then every artists got variety technique in producing their artwork, such as mixed-media, digital, or collage....hmmmm...I don't know, just a crazy Idea pop-up rite of my brain...heee...

Unknown said...


Could commics be part of corporate learning? If you can do this, give me a call.

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momo said...

yo brother,,, Azhar,,,!! are you the one work in LimKokWing as lecturer ? I am moses,, from Penang, i was your student before, still remember ??
how are you nowadays,,,, still with LKW??

best regards,,,,

azhar said...

yes momo.. i was a lecturer at LUCT..
after teaching and being in production.. i am back fulltime freelance.

momo said...

Hi Azhar, glad to find you here, wow... freelance in comic? i love that. Do you have facebook, if you don't mind, ad me when you are free to do so. i have some of my artwork there, maybe see if there's anything we can work on. :)
fb =

keep in touch , sir. :)

Mas said...

Hi Azhar..glad to see your blog. actually, i have a nephew who likes to sketch comic stories but he just keep all the drawings coz he doesn't know how to publish his comics. do you have any idea or can you help/guide him to publish his comic? thank you.

azhar said...

moses: thanks for dropping by..sorry for the late reply..yes i have a facebook..look for: muhamad azhar abdullah

Mas: sorry for the late reply..
its hard to explain how to make n publish comics... on to can check the local publishers editors on submitting your work. u can cek wth gempak, pts, moy, apo or gila-gila.

hope i answer your question.

Fluffy Cube said...

Hello there... We wish to invite you to participate in our drawing competition. For more details:

Unknown said...

Just you wait.i'll make the best comic ever!!!!!!Can someone tell me how can I publish my own comics.

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