Sunday, June 24, 2007

MSC IP series: COmic TalK

Msc IP series talk: About Comic Pitch.

venue: KL Hilton. somewhere in June. MSc wth collaboration wth peKOMIK trying to boost local comic talent
with doing a digital comic pitch..the winners get 15000 grant to make their own comic.

so here got some pic on the talk:

dengan kartunis Ubi ( one of the senior kartunis in Malaysia)

after lunch: having tea with the local pekomik stars..Lefty of gilamon, Milx,Adijin, me & hot new digital artist 'Hamzi'
these is where we had our lunch...kat pub babe..bleh clubbing lepas tuh..hehhee
BURP!..desert time..opps the clock show its almost time
wth MSC MDEC orang kuat en Azmir
me..settle down with glass of SKY juice
are they snooring while i'm talking?
Depan: Jaafar taib belakngnya Alan Quah
betul ke apa yg aku cakap nih?...hehehe
belakang: madstone, wan Zu, Pami, Adijin, Milx
depan: Dinjerr, Nurie...guest (Ezmir & wife)...Ubi..Azhar
OWWW...the chick was sOO impressed wth my
WEAPON of MASS destruction!..heheh
wish the babes are real..hehehe..nice toilet aye
3 panels: jaafar taib, lefty & me

Milx: not only ask question but also answering some of questions..from
other participants

soon after the talk..people start coming to me wth more questions..
i dont wanna miss the refershmnts

santai: Ubi, eisu, Dinjer, adijin, Milx (back) & cute chubbeChee

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