Thursday, September 03, 2009

More Batman sketch during KL Drink & Draw#2

this is the 2nd session of KL drink & Draw (not official).. its been done so many time by the professionals in comic..animation..illustration in America and some other country...Malaysia also have this session before..a kinda gathering..

for us..busy with we take a break ..catch up with friends..bla..bla..bla and draw.. but for our session is more to Dinner & Draw,,,coz most of us dont drink...( those in US..they Drink,,and have it at Bar)..

last time we did it at Subway..last 21 August we do it at Mcdonald Drive thru..
so the topic is Batman..pencil: Sheldon Goh
Ink: me

so we : me, Sheldon Goh, Keisan, Faizal Tan, Zamzami, Adie Mus, Amen Codai and his friend ( Mark, Aaron & Helmi have to left early)...after had our about comics..knowing each other ( some of us just meet)..bla..bla..

then we draw Batman,,,
as for me and Sheldon..we swop each other pencils..
then we ink each others pencil...

rough pencil: Azhar
ink:Sheldon Goh

we start of at 8pm....we actually start to draw by 9:30pm..
then we off by 11pm...
what a session... can't wait for the next KL DnD#03
hope you enjoy me & Sheldon tag-team..

dan esok jumpa Dentist lagi ( last Jun ada bengkak..ada nanah..nerve dah mati)...pastu awal Ogos jumpa Dentist pakar Periodotik buat Canal Root Surgery..pas tu satu appointmnt hari ni cek dentist..sebab tadi jumpa..cek.s.can..scaling..etc..tak jadi buang gigi..esok baru cabut,,aduhh,,ni kali ke- 2 kena cabut..

lepas cek..dah ptg,,,klinik suria dekat kota raya..maka jejalang di area..sana..g Nyannyang Art Shop..jejalan hingga ke Masjid Jamek..

keadaan jauh berubah sejak awal 90an di mana aku melepak dulu..
camna pon itu..akan aku cerita be continued..ehehehe


Kalamtimur said...

there's pontential for crossover, maybe collobrative work. nice work folks!

Ian La Fraz said...

bila nak d&d lagi? bleh la join

Voviana said...

Hope you learnt something from Sheldon with inking.Keep up the good efforts.

B3@r D 3@73r said...

slurp...terliur aku tgk artwork korang... :-)

azhar said...

thanks guys..

takpa..kita tunggu next DnD plak.

Anonymous said...


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