Monday, May 07, 2007

My Spiderman 3 review

hi guys..

my comment on my beloved character & the best comic movie genre trilogy

kinda let dwn when i first watch it coz my expectation was big...
luv the drama and the action sequence..the first brawl was superb ( harry vs peter)..torn frienship brawl..

yup my dissapointmnt was...there are so many things to show..but not enough plot/chctr develpmnt to bloom... to lil venom appearnce..venom shld be in the 4th movie..let our Flint marko shine..

when i watch it for second time..
i can breath & grasp it easily ( ye lah,,dah tgk fr the first time)
but this second anlysis..i enjoy with..pure drama & mind blowing action sequence... the first 2 hours..are well sequence & plot ( eventhou some loose scene can develope more)

it just that the final 20mins..too fast...the final brawl/climax wasn't there... i prefer harry being the bad expectation was 3 vs 1. ( my sketch vision u guys cansee below at my blog)
the resolution of the movie(ending)...
should re-arrange it nicely..some loose plot can be sum up nicely if Raimi extend the movie for 3 hrs..

yes venom should be keep for next movie ( btw why eddie brock jr?)..
i bet the father...eddie brock will seek wth black symbiote..
& the true venom will emerge for revenge like in the comic..

i can say its a drama about peter harry relatioship...this 3 movie is about them.
i still enjoy it like i enjoy 300...i still prefer spidey 2..coz it got all the recipe ..most importantly..chrcther developmnt..

my rating :B+


LittleChaiTiamMa said...

Venom so gay compare to comic version :P

Norman said...

Venom is gay in any version. I never could share the enthusiasm some fans have for an obviously throw-away 90's character. Heck, his final design is a product of Erik Larsen making fun of Mcfarlane's design.

Oh, Peter Parker with emo-boy haircut made me gag.

My hatred runs deep for Spiderman 3

Zid said...

I don't think Sam Raimi is 100% responsible for the mess. It has got to do with the bigshots and the filters they had to put in this time to appeal to kids.

Hell when Venom came out all the babies started crying! Any darker the kids will turn the viewing into some scream fest.

azhar said...

agree with zid...

the kids are scared of venom..

and the kids (behind me) yelling cicak-man when spidey appear..ahahaha..

anyway norman..sorry u didnt like this 3 movie....
i understand Raimi's position,,it's hard to please everyone..

actually the producers one venom in this he has to change vulture for venom..

azhar said...

soryy * want..not one

Johari Aziz said...

Can't expect much substance from a story based on a character in rubber suit and a spider design...dah. I am more interested in the particle effects. Particle has really gone a long way since "The Mummy'.

I also have a feeling that the producer has HD in mind instead of a DVD release because the colour dynamics especially the luminance is very much HD. Perhaps the Director's Cut HD release has more things since it is HD.