Monday, July 31, 2006

Fauzi is recovering

I went to see Fauzi last saturday
..he is recovering..he can move..and walk on his own..except he kinda hard to speak..maybe the mouth/jaw muscle is not yet fully recovered.

its not diabetic..high blood preasure..or high cholestrol level that cause the stroke. it was intense pressure, stress & not enough sleep..and he is somewhere in mid 40's.

somthng for us to earn a lesson not overwork..or push yourself..

Here is the photo i took of Fauzi & his youngest son Bilal. he try to smile..but the muscle is not strong n we can see his weary looks n the lost of weight. recover soon Fauzi. May Allah bless you.

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Perkasa Alam - Satu Kesinambungan said...

Semoga sdr Fauzi dapat menjalani kehidupan yang biasa. Keept it up and be strong.

Alexio said...

wakaka...Ninja turtle is coming back to the screen!

Lefty said...

Just came around to this. Sorry I didn't know dat u going to visit him on dat saturday till today. Glad to know that Fauzi is able to move about on his own. If u ever gonna visit him again, please contact me thru my hp ya? TQ

azhar said...

i did call u the whole saturday..seems like u didnt pick up da phone/engage or somethng..

is this still ur no?

vonadler said...

Peace to all,

went to visit Ahmad fauzi last week, Al-Hamdullilah, he is recovering. Pray for his recovery...