Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ahmad Fauzi the Cartoonist kena Stroke

My buddy in this this small comic & cartoon industry in Malaysia had stroke attack recently. i was inform a few days ago. he is now at his parent's house at Dato Keramat. i heard that he cant move his hand..paralyze kut. but in weak condition..kalu dtg tu dia sedar..just can't talk.

i've known him back in 1997..he kinda like inspire me to pursue in this comic biz...he's most famous for his cartoon strip ..Spot the Difference..Lucid Dreams

Anyone kindly enough to pay him a visit, can do so at this address:
54A, Lorong Keramat 11,
Jln Dato Keramat, KL
for those who is not familiar with him, here's the photo of Fauzi & his work:


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